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Tuesday, 24 May 2011
I think the rapture may have passed us by, but somehow, today, at about 3:15 PM (est) I must have had an out-of-body-experience.
Nothing else explains it (except maybe temporary insanity?).
Can strep throat become strep brain?


(Actual that makes a cool acronym. BIBAB. As in "I was struck with an overwhelming case of BIBAB" OR "when the BIBAB gets ahold of me, I do crazy irrational things").
Stinking BIBAB.

Anyway. I did it.  And if you think "no big deal" you have to understand that Barbie and I have a history. And when I look over it, I see that I have been losing ground at an increasing pace:

2008 (Rowan Age 3) : Curse You Barbie (and Your Little Comb, too!)
2010 (Rowan Age 5) : Holding the Middle Ground (And It Isn't That Bad)
2011 (Rowan Age 5.5): Barbie is in the House

A slippery slope!

You see, I don't hate Barbie.
I was a Barbie girl in my day.
I had the Corvette!
But I hate the pervasive, insidious stuff she comes to represent.
So, while I have not completely banned her from the house, I have stood on my high ground by not being the provider of Barbie and her fashion minions.

I honestly don't know how it happened.

Having tried every other place in town for small peat cells for starting seeds, we went to the dreaded WalMart. We went to the gardening section, found them and for some reason veered into the toy section.
OK, the reason was that I wanted to know what *heck* a Zooble is.
I even made Rowan promise there would be no asking for toys, no meltdowns over pink toddler cameras as had happened the last time we were any where near a toy section (and that was just last week!).
We were not buying anything today.
I was resolved.

So we turned down that pink aisle of doom.
And didn't get even the length of a cart into the smooshy pinkness when Rowan *gasped* at the Fairy Barbie that she "always wanted".
This is where the out-of-body bit comes in.
Because next thing I know, she and I are discussing the merits of a brunette fairy over a mermaid whose tail turns into a hoodie and her hair turns pink in cold water.

The mermaid won. Hands down.
You can take her in the TUB!

As we rolled away from the toy section I asked Rowan if she was as surprised as I was.
She nodded, big eyed, clutching her mermaid doll, not trusting this stranger who just helped her pick a Barbie for no reason at all.

When we unpacked the doll (from its Houdini-esque packaging), Rowan was delighted.
But I was a little bummed.
Because while the doll has long soft *colour changing* hair she doesn't come with a comb?!
What's up with that?

So there you have it.
My confession.
But I will always swear the BIBAB made me do it.

(Slinking off to hide my shame, and maybe try dunking the new Barbie in the cold water to see her hair change!)


6060 said...

haha... that's funny. every time we went to walmart, daddy would take the kids to doll idle, while i would finish the grocery shopping, then something would happen so wrong like what you did.. now my playroom is full of those beautiful barbies... again, it wasn't me to buy it....
I swear....

6060 said...

long time ago i bought a silk medium size scarf from you, i just wanted to say thank you. it was for my mom but my kids took it and played with it instead, they were having so much fun...

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth said...

Too funny. So far we have not yet had any desire for the Barbies, but we'll see as she gets older. ;)

Jenny said...

I just can't bring myself to dislike Barbie. I loved mine so much. I know she has her faults, but there's just something about a new Barbie, still in her box, with her hair not even tangled yet... We've bought one Barbie. I think it was a ballerina. My daughter, who will be four next week, hasn't cared about her for a long time. She wants to be a little boy. I think as long as Barbie is given to the child by parents who will explain why her waistline and feet are ridiculous, and are supportive of the child's fashion choices, everything will be okay. A much worse problem is adults forcing frilly, uncomfortable clothing on their children, in my opinion.

Honey said...

I totally see myself in this post! I, too, was a Barbie girl in my day. I only had one to start, I think I had 3 by the time I was 12. I loved them all. Played with them all the time and made sure their hair was always combed. But I was not a big fan of introducing my daughter to Barbie. I prefer more natural type toys. But she got one from someone for her second birthday, and another from someone for her third birthday, and yet another as a parting gift from someone. She loves them and plays with them almost every day. She has a fourth one now that I bought for her at a rummage sale b/c it is a darker skinned one with black hair. I couldn't stand all the blondeness LOL. But I do still love browsing the Baebie aisle and I'm sure someday I'll find myself stricken with BIBAB!!

Unknown said...

Perish the thought, Honey! LOL

Excellent points Jenny~ I think it is all about the mindfulness with which we engage the trends and teaching our kids to be thoughtful and critical (as in asking questions, not negativity).

Great news about the silkie 60 60!

Angela said...

You have a great writing style. Very funny! :) I recently did a post on dyeing silks with Koolaid and included a link to your etsy site. Hope you don't mind! :)

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