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Wednesday, 18 May 2011
*This post is a re-post from 2010, but it has been on my mind lately as this blog does tend to veer towards girl world!*
Someone asked about silkies for boys and my immediate response is "of course" but perhaps that bears some thought...

Yes, of course boys enjoy playsilks. And being one who is not quick to assign gender roles or stereotypes, I do however respect that boys and girls are different and play differently.  So what about playsilks for boys?

In my experience, as quickly as little girls are wont to dress up in silkies, little boys want to see them *move* and usually pick them up and take a few sweeps through the air before breaking into a full spin, run, or both at once.  I admit to being responsible for more than one preschool collision.  Boys also tend to try walking with them over their faces (you can see shapes through the silk and move reasonably safely) followed by wanting to be superheroes and pirates of superhero pirates.

In fact, I am a big fan of playsilks for boys.

Being light and airy they are best manipulated with gentle movements and attaching them to one's self requires fine moter dexterity, whether in tying, tucking, or putting on Wonder Bands.
Silks also allow boys to love colour and to freely choose from a broad spectrum, not only the 'boy palette' of most boy-geared toys.  I have sent bright pink silkies to more than one little guy who's mom sheepishly asked for pink because her son likes it (as he should, pink rocks ~historical note... pink was originally a 'boy' colour, being a pastel shade of red, considered ideal for boy babies, red being so manly! Blue was for girls with its association with Mary, gentleness, calm and water...).

Playsilks open up a world of child-directed play and imagination that many boys are losing to screentime of one sort or another.  And frankly, a silkie makes a very poor gun or sword and so the imagination is called upon to devise swirling wizardly curses and magic lassoes!

Dressup, forts, rivers and mountains and roads for his toys...

Confidence grows as the child leads his own play with simple creative tools.

And we do, in fact, have some colourways that work great for boy play (aside from the pinks and purples which are wholly appropriate, too!).

Some of my faves:
Good Earth, Heart of the Ocean & Heart of the Fire (Sold singly or in an 'Elemental' set of 3):
The Campfire Trio (Fire, Multi-Brown and Mixed Greens):
Ice Cap:
Landscape Palette (available as 35" or 11" sets of 6):
And the Classic Rainbow palette (in 11" or 35" size):
 I could go on!  I haven't even mentioned capes &  Twirligigs™! But for now I would love to hear how YOUR boys play with their playsilks! Please leave a comment ♥


Jenn said...

My son LOVES playsilks! He likes to use them as blankets, walks around with his face covered and just run around whipping them through the air. He's quite the fan :)

Heather said...

I have 4 boys and all of them have enjoyed playsilks at one time or another. They have used them as capes, to be pirates, tied them together for rope, tied GI Joes to them for parahutes and more. Two kids will hold the silk while another tries to break though. I'm sure there is more but that's what I'm witnessed.

Elizabeth said...

We don't have playsilks (though we'd love some!) but I can imagine he's run through the yard trailing them. He'd use them to tie up his baby brother or big sister. He'd use them as makeshift "reins" when one of the aforementioned siblings became a willing (hopefully!) horse. He'd try to sift sand. He'd probably do some dancing. He'd collect toys on it and gather it up like a bag and carry it. He'd find a way to use it with bugs??

I can't say for sure, but I do know that he'd use it the same as a girl does a lot of the time...dressing up, dancing, etc...and sometimes he'd "boy it up."

Sara said...

My boys love playsilks! They make the best superhero capes. Here are a few pictures of them and their capes.

ang said...

Reading this post, these comments....makes me very excited about the silks we orderd! We currently live in a land of pirates and dinosaurs, so I can only imagine the possibilities. Yes, much better than toy guns and swords and that other junk out there....this sparks creativity and imagination....things sometimes lost :)

Littlebearsmom said...

My son also loves his playsilks! He uses them to "fish", to play picnic, and when he's playing doctor with his animals. He's a little more active (read: violent) at times when he's fishing, especially, but that's just because he gets so excited!

sarah said...

My son (who loves pink) plays with silks in so many ways. They become cookie dough to make cookies, blankets, putting them over the head to see how things look, making a truck into a tow truck, and lots more. Wonderful imagination toy!

Jaci said...

Both my boys play with silks, we have four large ones (purple, red, and two swirl-dyed from Indigo Onion) and a set a small ones that we tied into a rope. They are mostly used as superhero capes but occasionally they just swing them around and dance with them :)

MamaWestWind said...

I agree! My boys LOVE their play silks! And play with them exactly as you've said. They love to see them move and twirl and be superhero capes! So much fun!

Elizabeth S. said...

My son adores his playsilks! He loves to wear them as capes, use them as blankets, whirl them around, have picnics on them, and yes--walk around with one over his head. I even have a picture of my 10 year old nephew wearing one of your silks as a cape--he loves to play with them when he comes to visit.

Jennifer M. said...

my son has several silks and a twirligig, plus a variety of fabric colors and textures from the remnants bin. he uses them as props (pillows, blankets, play food, laundry, water and grass on the train set), dress up (aprons, skirts, capes, hats), and games (throw them in the air and watch them float back down, hide under them with mama). we certainly love them and are always thinking about getting more in different colors!

Anonymous said...

My sons use playsilks for costume sashes, head scarves, capes, and "martial arts" belts (complete with "belt testing" and advancing through a color spectrum with advancing "ranks." Silks serve as magical spells (wadded and thrown or just thrust from the hand with one bit still clasped), or force fields, or healing powers to revive a fallen comrade. Silks are cuddled at night and sometimes serve as security blankets when they are away from home. They wrap up stuffed animals (as bandages or traps for wild animals). They are used to carry things. They are dragged about the house stuffed full of "gear." Two silks tied just so serve as dragon or phoenix or bird or bat wings, and provide proof of how very fast my boys can run. Sometimes they are spread on the rug and a jumping game is played. They are table cloths and props for magicians. The play they afford is endless.

FairiesNest said...

As the mom of 3 boys I can say YES yes yes!!!! Mine loved playsilks, great for capes, backgrounds, and as many other things as you can imagine!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

I love this post, I would also love if you linked it up to my linky party; Made by Little Hands Mondays- it could enter you into a giveaway if you do it by this afternoon/ evening! I am visiting from Sugar and Dots and I am a new follower!
Hope you have a great day!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and input! I willhave to do another silks for boys post, clearly, and share some of these fabulous insights and experiences ♥♥

abeachcottage said...

Love this post about playsilks, I think everyone enjoys playing with them. Thanks for linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

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