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Friday, 27 May 2011
Our small community was rocked Monday by the tragic accident that took the life of a 55 year old woman.
We have five railway crossings in our little town, running parallel to our main street. To leave the main part of town you must cross the tracks~ we all do it daily, often many times a day. And on Monday afternoon, Jean Anne was crossing the tracks at the center of town in her car and was struck by the train and killed.

She leaves behind her 80+ mother (whose only other child was killed at age 16 in a traffic accident) and her two children in their early twenties.  Today, this small family unit was to be in Halifax at the son's graduate school graduation.  Instead they stood shoulder to shoulder, devastated, in the funeral home for visitation.

My ministry leads me to companion this family, and the wider community in this time of shock and grief. And tomorrow we will gather for the funeral, and lean on one another and our faith as we remember and give thanks for the life of this amazingly vibrant and passionate woman.

In 15 years I have ministered to many families in times such as these.  But as a mother, the brokenness of these children breaks my heart along new lines. I have always thought that if there was a hierarchy of grief, losing a child had to be at the top. But this week I see the devastation of losing a mother for these young adults and it is overwhelming. Words fail me, compassion wells.

So this afternoon, with the first sunshine in the week, my daughter and I took a walk along our favourite route~ the lakeshore.  And we drank in the beauty of the spring day, the fragrance of the blossoms, the chill of the lake risen high with rainwater as we dipped our toes.  We admired the mama duck with  her dozen wee ones and laughed as the dogs splashed along the shore.  It was glorious and I was so thankful for this moment with my child, for happiness and love and laughter and being together, hand in hand.
Lilacs nearly in bloom.
The fragrant blooms in the front yard.
A favourite shade tree.
Joy in motion.
Footprints in the sand ~ for the moment.
Where the Red-wing Blackbirds nest.
Our 'secret island' where we play and dream.
My light and joy.

Accidents happens.
Life changes in a flash, in a moment.
But this moment?
We have it.
And we are so thankful.♥

What are you thankful for today?


Paula said...

That's so sad. Even at forty, the thought of losing my mom fills me with such grief, I can't even contemplate losing Ella. We have train tracks 300 ft from the house and have to cross them to leave the property (or get the mail). I am so glad they have shut down this train route. People don's understand how easily a train really can sneak up on a person.

My heart goes out to the family and if you need to take a few extra days to finish my playsilk order, it's ok. Sending lots of love and peace.


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