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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 19 May 2011
Good morning!  Today I decided to share another Day of the Week post~ because I am battling strep throat, lacking creativity and wanting to look at pretty things! I hope you enjoy these, too!

♥It is wet, cool and rainy here... so I thought I would warm things up! Warmth being an important Waldorf principle!♥

In Waldorf pedagogy the days of the week each have an associated colour, and the colour for Thursday is orange.  Here are some great oranges to brighten the day and mark the season for your home, nature table or just for fun!  I started my search with the Natural Kids Team and found all of these lovelies! 
 1. Campfire Playsilk Trio, by BTRT.
2. Campfire (Needlefelted), by Chimera.
3. Wool Acorns, by Fairy Folk.
4. Salamander King, Fire Elemental Doll, by Alkelda.
5. Fire Stacker, by Rjabinnik.
6. Roasting Marshmallows Tshirt, The Rocking Pony.
7. Gnome & Fairy Campfire, by Ginger Little.
8. Opposites Attract, by Extra Topping.
9. Muslin Bliss Blanket, by Takara.
10. Fairy Door, by BTRT.

Enjoy and keep warm!♥
(I have included myself twice... apparently I am in a small minority of people who think fire is a good toy for children...go figure... maybe I should rethink the number of fire themed toys in my shop?!)


Saints and Spinners said...

I have one of your fire silks, Lori. It's important to have for table-top versions of "The Magic Flute" (whereby Tamino and Pamina journey through their initiation into Sarastro's order). Thank you for including my salamander fire elemental doll in your collection. Happy Orange Thursday!

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