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Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Being in the moment is important, don't get me wrong!
But there is that in the human spirit that continually casts forward, looking ahead ~ and while it can be a means of avoiding the present, it also can be a way of expressing one's heart's desire.

I love to know what people are excited about, what they are looking forward to...
what anticipation they are savouring in their daydreams and best hopes.
 This question arose out of our entry into the Home Study process towards adoption.
I am dreaming about a little one (or two) playing with Rowan at the beach, or carousing through the house, giggling, with dogs in tow...

I recently asked this question on our Facebook Page, and these are some of the responses...
  • buying our first home.
  • moving into our first home.
  • ...the rain to stop.
  • ...being home evenings in the summer for more time with my boys.
  • ...birth of a baby.
  • ...summer time at the park.
  • ...exploring nature with my 14 month old son leading the way.
  • ..."my friend beating her illness so we can all live life to the fullest"
  • ...going back to school after five years at home with my son.
  • ...seeing my first grader in his first school play.
  • tolerating more foods so mama can eat more variety.
  • ...summer at the beach.
  • age 36 meeting my birth mother for the first time.
  • ...first trip to Maine.
  • ...husband working closer to home.
  • ...adopting a sweet little one.
  • ...summer sprinklers and playdates.
  • ...moving back home.
  • ...hunting for fairy rings now that the rain has stopped.
  • ...sleeping more than 2 hours at a time.
  • ...BED, tonight.
  • ...first swim in the ocean this year.
  • ...planning my home school year.
  • ...walking barefoot outside.
  • end to this teething session.
  • ...mommy craft time when the kids are in bed.
  • ...a natural birth and meeting my daughter.
  • ...a second car.
  • ...finding a job I love.
And one person wrote:
"Originally from St. Paul, MN, I've lived in Mexico City for near 10 years and last Sunday I marched with tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. We marched for peace, justice and dignity as a response to the awful war Mexico is in the midst of right now. I'm sure many have seen the news reports, but what we forget is that among all the dead (40,000 plus since this "war against drug traffickers" began, mostly innocent civilians) and missing, there are many, many children and young people. 
Today is Mother's Day in Mexico and I am looking forward to the day that no mother has to live through the pain and anguish of having to attend her children's funeral or of never finding them after years and years of having gone missing (usually because they were forcefully disappeared), all due to senseless, brutal violence. One of the main phrases of the march was  "Not all parents are poets, but all of our children are poetry"." ♥♥

From the mundane (sleep!) to the delightful (barefeet in summer!), to the sublime (new babies, work we love!)... what we look forward to shapes, in part, our present experience and reveals a little of ourselves.  I am grateful to all of those who shared their dreams!♥

What are YOU looking forward to? 
(add yours in the comments!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, as you said, from the sublime to the deep in response to your question.

My desire and my chiefest joy, in the winter time of my life, is to see my children and grand-children serving the Lord.

I so much enjoy all of the wonderful things that you and others share from your heart and hands, it is indeed a blessing.


Jenny said...

Lots of things, but most immediately, getting laminate flooring in our living room and dining room instead of the yucky carpet that's in here now. Our days will be much more pleasant :-)

Wild Violets Art said...

I am looking foward to the day that physical therapy pays off & I can do everything I was once able to!

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