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Tuesday, 21 June 2011
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I love hearing people's stories~ whether told straight up, through their art, craft, work, photos..., in whole or in part.  This feature will welcome people with a bit of their story to tell.  Submissions or pitched ideas are welcome, just send me an email with your thoughts on anything in the realm of art, creativity, gentle or natural parenting, small business, kids....  while this is not an advertising slot, stories related to your work may be suitable.

Today's 'tuesday's guest' is Marie, from Knecht Ruprecht. Marie is a dollmaker in the Waldorf tradition who makes gorgeous natural creations from her home in Austria.  Today she is sharing with us her tutorial on making Marguerite Crowns (more commonly called daisies by North Americans) which captivated our imagination and sent Rowan and I off on an adventure to make our own (our photos at the end). You will want to, too! Marie writes..

Right now my days are full of children and baby activities.
Relishing those precious moments with a new baby I will take a little extra time and start sewing again in about two months.

For today I would like to share how we make flower crowns. Its a quick and easy thing to do with little ones beside in a flower meadow and at least in my case it makes them very happy!
All You need is: Marguerites

and some flexible blades of grass
tie your flowers together
and start to braid the flower stems like shown on the pictures.
Add more flowers and continue braiding like shown on the pictures.

Use some more flexible blades of grass and attach both ends together.

And enjoy!
If your crown becomes a bit withered You can put it in a bowl with cold water over night and the flowers will be fresh to grace little fairies again for another day.

Thanks Marie! We did put ours in a bowl of water and Rowan was able to wear it again the day (to church!).  Inspiried by Marie's post, we made our own crown (and snapped some pictures for the grandparents, too!). Thankfully, we knew just the place...

Gathering our Daisies...
Trying on the crown:
 obligatory crown wearing dance:
The field of daisies was incredible!
Camouflage... can you spot the girl?
Here she is...sneaking away to the cool of the forest!
Thanks again to Marie for inspiring such a fun afternoon! ♥♥


jody said...

we make crowns with dandelions and violets as well. Its a good way to give the flowers that are known as weeds, some love :)

softearthart said...

Just beautiful. cheers Marie

liZ said...

Oh, those little crowns are magical. What beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Our daisies are just now blooming. What a wonderful idea! I see these crowns in our future.

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