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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 25 June 2011
Waldorf education emphasizes the importance of rhythm in the life of young children~ it regulates them and helps them to create meaning.  To aid in this process, each day of the week is assigned a colour, and the colour for Saturday is blue.

Be sure to check out our other Waldorf  weekday features (see the topic list on the lower right column) for lots of ideas to incorporate colour and rhythm into your days.

This collection features some wonderful blue creatures in a variety of natural materials.... from all around the world!  And I must say, lest you think finding a great collection of natural toys is easy... it isn't! Weeding out the polyfil stuffing, the plastic bits, the acrylic felt... is actually a tough job, whew! Another reason to start your search with Etsy's Natural Kids team!

1. Tie Dye Snail, by Armadillo Dreams. (USA)
2. Organic Cordouroy Elephant, by Pingvini. (Denmark
3. Blue Felt Horse, by The Mortimer Tree. (Australia)
4. Paolo, Little Blue Bear, by Forest Blue. (Netherlands)
5. Blue Bellied Squirrel, by Wilsons. (USA)
6. Bunny, by Timor. (Israel)
7. School of Two Wool Felt Booties, by Involution. (USA)

8. Squid, by Ruby Submarine (USA)
9. Giraffe, by Sigh Foo. (USA)
10. Macaco Spinning Top, by Blah Studio. (Uruguay)



Dustin - Armadillo Dreams said...

Love the colors! Thank you for featuring us in your blog a second time this month! My wife and I really enjoy reading your posts.

Dustin Cowell
Armadillo Dreams

Dustin - Armadillo Dreams said...

P.S. - I put a link on our Facebook page...

María said...

A very nice and colorful collection of wonderful toys! Thank you so much for including my spinning top. I shared your posting with on my FB page.



Uhooi said...

Wow,, It works very nice, sweet and creative,,

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