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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011
Ahhh! Features are colliding!
Today I was feeling wild and just crazy enough to combine two of my favourite features...

From the Heart features sellers I have found by looking at my 'hearts' (shops that have marked my shop as a favourite) and sharing their work.
Waldorf  [Day of Week] uses the colours assigned to the days in Waldorf education to shape a collection of items that, by their colour, help mark the rhythm of the week.
Today it is a mash up of the two.
Items from shops who have marked BTRT as a favourite and red items for Tuesday.
I think it is just crazy enough to work...
1. Custom Watercolour Art, by lulabies.
2. Wooden Little Red Riding Hood Set, by Armadillo Dreams.
3. Toadstool Trivet, by Little Wool.
4. Red Leather Satchel, by Automatic Sweetheart.
5. Trio of Heart Ornaments, by Pepper Genn.
6. Hot Air Balloon Gift Bags and Seals, by Sassyfrass.
7. Hand painted Strawberry Shoes, by boygirlboygirl designs.
8. Spring Dairy Farm, by BK Foster.
9.Personalized Narwhal Print, by Kranky Krab.
10. Super Hero Sock Monkey tee, by Crowsmack.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring my Victorian Hot Air Balloon tags and seals in this From the Heart feature.
You picked some very nice finds! I am going to check them all out.
Happy summer day to you!


Dustin - Armadillo Dreams said...

This is great collection of red items! Thank you for featuring our Little Red Riding Hood set! :)

Armadillo Dreams

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