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Saturday, 23 July 2011
We made it!
Our second annual 'Moms & Girls' camping trip was a success (and so much fun!).

Recently, I have been reading Richard Louv's 'Last Child in the Woods' .

It was so gratifying to watch the girls find themselves happily at home playing in the pine forest at our local Provincial Park.  Over the course of three days, the only toys they played with (beach and woods) were shovels and rakes as they cavorted through the stumps, needles and downed trunks surrounding our site.  No signs of nature defecit here!

Playing together,they learned a lot about cooperation~ you can't move that log by yourself!
And a lot about balance....
...which means learning about falling, too!
They met some new friends....
And worked as a team to create in the sand....
And became much more proficient on their bikes up and down hills and over bumps....
As part of our local Girl Guide troop (as Sparks) the girls have been exploring these concepts, often in a natural setting. And living in Northern Ontario means there is plenty of nature to go around.  Even so, it was a delight to give them time and space to explore their environment and draw their own conclusions...

On the first night, they created an alarm system, using a frog with a croaking sound chip.
One croak: You want your Mommy (♥)
Two: Bathroom
Three: Drink
Four: Bear
Five: Coyote
Six: Fire
(the problem being that the frog croaks 5-6 times every time you squeeze it, so you need to listen for some 30 croaks to ascertain there is a fire danger... hmmm...)
In the end, we left the campground with three exhausted, dirty oh-so-happy girls and lots of wonderful memories to grow on. ♥♥
How do you get a little more nature into your lives in the summer time? ♥♥


Unknown said...

That is such a fabulous idea to have a Mommy/Daughter camping trip. You can tell how much fun the girls had! The frog croaking alarm is so funny!

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