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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Monday, 25 July 2011
It has been a while since I have done much felting, and it feels good to get the needles and fiber out again!
I have had several incomplete figures waiting for attention, this pregnancy sculpture being one of them.

Made completely with wool (no inner frame or wires), this woman stands around 6" tall. 
Her blonde upswept curls are made with natural Cotswold locks. ♥
(I see this photo and I am rather glad we didn't take up a local sheep farmer on her offer of a fleece this summer... yikes!)
She has an 'open face' in the Waldorf tradition, medium toned skin and daisies in her hair.
 You can find her in the Etsy shop and you can see past sculpture work in the Gallery.
Custom work sometimes available. ♥♥


Unknown said...

You are so unbelieveably talented! Those are AMAZING!

Tawny said...

What a beautiful sculpture! Well done!

Jill @ A Mom With a Lesson Plan said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to get over to your shop and check out what you're selling.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I love doing them... I need to find more time for felting!

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