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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Yay! It is Tuesday again~ I have to admit that this is the first phase in my life when I have looked forward to Tuesday, that little lauded day of the week. This week's tutorial is awesome... if my lip balm tubes weren't delayed somewhere in Canada Post's post-strike mess, I would have made some for today! Welcome Kelly!

Hello, Beneath the Rowan Tree friends.
 I'm very honored to be here today.  My name is Kelly, and I write a fun little DIY blog called Running With Glitter.
Running With Glitter
I'm a mommy  to two littles and a wife to one cool CPA. I try to include my children in my crafting as much as possible. So you will find lots of family friendly recipes and projects over at my blog.
This is me and my daughter Aubrey Rose.{you would never know that she was a micro preemie born at 26 weeks!} She was the inspiration for the name of my blog. We were making Christmas ornaments and she ran thru the house with a glitter shaker, it went everywhere. I said in my mommy voice.. "No running with glitter" It cracked us both up. I don't mind a little glitter on my floor as long as fun is had. And my son, Adrian, usually has sparkles on his forehead from glittery mommy lipgloss kisses. I don't mind that either. Sparkles on the floor, sparkles on the skin, sparkles of happiness in our hearts....

Today I'm going to share a great project with you.. How to make Lip Gloss

One of my daughter's favorite things is Chapstick. A collector of lip balm one may even call her. I decided that for her party it would be fun to make little personalized chapsticks for her and her friends.
There was several ways I could do this.
  • Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on making lip gloss here
  • I could order the supplies from CandleLynnSupplies on Etsy to do a little DIY
  • I could buy Chapstick and replace the labels
I decide to "sorta" make my own the #2 Etsy way.  Here's how:
  1. Gather Supplies-Lip Balm Base, tubes, and flavor
  2. Melt your base in the microwave. Checking and stirring every 30 seconds until it liquifies
  3. Add your flavor. I just guessed and added drops until I thought it tasted "right".  My daughter's choice of flavor was Monkey Farts and Cotton Candy. hmmmm...
  4. Fill your tubes. I used a small plastic bowl to keep the tubes from falling over. 
  5. Let harden. I popped mine in the Fridge for about an hour. 
Now for the Wrappers:
I have already been warned by Aubrey's 5 year old boy friend that he will not eat a pink cupcake so I decided to spare her the embarrassment and make a few boy labels too. lol

To make the wrappers I simply found images online and edited them in Picnik. Pinkalicious for the Girls and Monsters Inc. for the boys. In Picnik I cropped the images into a square, then added the oval sticker for their names in white and topped with my text. Easy Peasy. LOVING PICNIK! Then I saved the image to my desktop and dragged the image {copy and paste}to the word template, resized to fit in the template box and repeated as necessary. DONE! Again, Easy Peasy!

Here is the Pinkalicious chapstick label I made. You are more than welcome to use it. Just Click on the image then Right Click and save to your computer and add your own Text.

This was a  huge time saver! Blank MS Word Chapstick Template HERE

To attach my labels I used standard packing tape and plain printer paper.. I was pretty proud of myself for discovering this :) It worked out fabulously. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person but hey...

Here is how to attach the labels:
lip balm, chapstick, recipe, make your own, natural ingredients, tutorial, instructions, free
  1. Gather Supplies- Packing Tape, Printed Paper, Scissors, blank filled chapstick tube
  2. Cut your labels out on the dotted lines and cover with packing tape. Trim the edges of tape that hang over the sides. Do not cut the tape off the ends. You will need this to secure the label to the tube.
  3. Wrap around the Chapstick and smooth the tape down. It will look seamless.
  4. Easy, Personal and cute!!!
Thanks Kelly! And everyone... go have fun with those kissable lips!♥♥


Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

Thank you for having me on your wonderful blog! Truly a wonderful place for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I don't have an inkjet printer so I don't think I can make it work.

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