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Thursday, 7 July 2011
I am tapped out on creativity tonight, so I thought I would just do a Thursday evening roundup...
...if I can string a couple of thoughts together between the Veggie Tales 'You Can't Get to Heaven on Rollerskates' on loop in Rowan's room and the dog chewing something which I am pretty sure he shouldn't be chewing.

{Editing my post... because the title says adoption update and then there is the misleading picture of a gaggle of boys... they are not the adoption update~ readon, it is not as exciting as that!}

We had a fun day today reconnecting with an old friend (her eldest and Rowan played together throughout infancy and toddlerhood at our local Early Years center) and enjoyed a surprise visit from my cousin and her hubby and four boys (oh my! they are the most beautiful, sweet 4 boys on the planet and Rowan loves 'the cousins').  We capped off our evening with physicals at the doctor's office. Yay!

Andy has the blood pressure of a 'teenage girl' and me, well, I never had the blood pressure of a teenage girl, even when I was one... but all was well and he will sign off on a favourable recommendation for our adoption paperwork.

Our Home Study for public adoption (through our local Children's Aid Society) is chugging along. It is sort of stop and start because our social worker is swamped and doing her best to keep her head above water. But we are down to the last visit (in depth interviews) and waiting on our medical reports & final fire safety inspection to be completed. So perhaps it will all be finished up this month, but with holidays and so on, it will likely be September before there is any hope of match considerations.

In the meantime, Rowan and I are enjoying the beach and time to play.   Monday afternoon we borrowed the neighbour's paddle boat, tossed Archie in as the first mate and paddled out on the lake with a stack of books to read to one another. Bliss.

I am working throughout July (my real job) and on holidays all of August.  We have a mom & girls camping trip planned for later this month ~ our second year for this outing, a chance for the girls and moms to bond~ born out of the experience of the challenge of camping with an only child (three of the four families).

Business-wise, I am working on orders and starting to build up stock for holiday orders.
And waiting for a HUGE order of awesome fabrics to arrive in the mail for back to school skirts.
And this:
I can hardly wait! 

So... lots going on, but really trying to slow the pace and enjoy the days.  It won't be long until my daughter has outgrown these summer days spent with her Mommy paddling about and crafting side by side.  I am fully aware of the gift of this summer time. ♥♥

What does your summer hold?


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