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Wednesday, 31 August 2011
At our last encounter, the exasperated heroine was surrounded by a battalion of spinach green cake balls....

It was 9 pm Friday night.
Party set for 1 pm Saturday.
And still no cake.

Darkness had fallen taking all hopes of birthday cake with it... or had it?
*dramatic music* (you'll have to add your own sound effects)

Just when it seemed all was lost.
Just when it seemed that she could bake no more... our heroine lifted up her weary head, squared her shoulders, washed the 8" cake pans one more time and declared:
"Honey! Go get me a cake mix!"
(insert triumphant trumpet blasts... go on... make the noises.. it will help the story, honest!)
"And another can of icing, too!"

And so he did.
And so she baked once more.

Making a total of eight layers of cake in one day.

Chastened from her earlier folly, our heroine made two simple cakes.
One with pink and yellow dye swirled through, the other with blue, green and purple.
That was as rainbow as it was gonna get.

Cool 'em.
Stack 'em.
And off to bed to dream of herself running, her Indiana Jones' whip in hand and hat on head, pursued by a giant rolling grey green cake ball of doom,  fleeing from the avalanche of fluffy white snow rolling down a mountain of rainbow coloured rocks, the whole time calling out 'blow out the candles!'.
Or that is what she would have dreamt about had she not fallen into an exhausted, dreamless slumber.

With the morning came a new hope.
The two layers held firm and and a simple coating of white icing was applied, followed by a most lavish application of rainbow sprinkles.
And the age old adage (Shakespeare? Confucius?) proved true once again,
"Sprinkles make everything better."


Add a tiger, and presto, chango!
Rainbow Tiger Birthday Cake.
(cue fanfare! sing it sister! woohoo!)
(I can't hear you!)

And for you gentle readers, who have endured this saga, who have laughed and cried, cheered and despaired, a bonus.... for just to kick a little sand in the face of the baking gods who frowned upon our heroine's hubris, she made a cake banner, pretty as can be! Super simple and endlessly customizable. 
Make your own (they look pretty just put in a favourite potted plant, too!).

○ Markers or stamps + ink
○ scissors
○ paper
○ string (I used silk cord)
○ tacky glue
○ bamboo skewers
1) Determine the length of your banner (ie the width of the cake +1-2" for swag).
Determine the number of pennants you want to use and the width of each flag.
Cut out diamond shapes of the appropriate size, stamp or decorate and fold over your string.
Glue in place.

2)  Decorate your skewers~ pony beads of plastic or wood will fit over the ends as end-caps~ glue in place.
Knot on your cord and glue in place.
3) Enjoy your brilliant cake banner! I love the idea so much I expect to make many more!
Post-Script~ the cake balls were enjoyed by at least some of the children and everyone was sent home with at least a pair...


Tanya said...

I see a hint of swirl in that cake photo. Very nice, and, I'm sure, just as much loved as the original may have been.

Cat said...

Came across the, ummm... not so perfect cake and had to keep reading to see what happened. The final cake looks gorgeous, you haave one very lucky girl.

Tawny said...

Aww... that cake banner makes all the trials and tribulations of making the cake worth it! So cute! :D

MamaWestWind said...

Beautiful finish Mama! Your saga was hilarious & love the banner. thanks for the tutorial!

April's Homemaking said...

I loved reading about your cake saga, very fun read! I love the way your cakes ended up, I absolutely love the cake banner!!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! the irony was,in the end, the kids were not into cake at all LOL

Unknown said...

The final cake looks beautiful and delicious! That cake banner is wonderful! I have enjoyed so much reading the cake saga, and I'm so glad there was a happy ending. If I were there I would have DEFINITELY been into your cake!

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