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Wednesday, 3 August 2011
Annie Hoot & the Knitting Extravaganza is a delightful book, by Holly Clifton-Brown.
We borrowed it from the library (and it is now overdue, oops!) and have read it over and over~ the story is simple... an owl who loves to knit but her community of owls is reluctant to wear her knitwear... so she knits her own modes of transportation and flies around the world looking for the perfect animals to appreciate her gifts.  The illustrations are delightful and very detailed~ offering something new to see with each reading.

On an afternoon when I needed to work and keep Rowan engaged, we opened up the book for inspiration.  While Rowan can finger knit, she felt that the only way to truly appreciate Annie's adventures would be to knit with needles... and I was not in the position to teach her this day... so we went with the weaving hoop!
 Using the scrap yarn basket, Rowan chose colours to match her favourite illustration in the book (Annie's knit hot air balloon!) and set about weaving a pattern of stars and circles.  When her weaving was completed (and my work was not) she decided to paint the animals in the story and then paint on the outfits she would knit for each one...
We dove into our stash of Christmas wrapping paper (see my post on 'Big Art' here) and she was off... clothing lions and elephants, polar bears and parrots.
What's not to love about a book about creative creatures doing creative things?!  I think we will be adding this one to our permanent collection (well, not this one, we will return this particular copy to the library!).
What are your favourite creative tales?


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