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Thursday, 11 August 2011
There seems to be a rash of paint chip crafts and activities spreading across the internet these days.

I am half expecting to go to the paint department and find security cameras and arms-crossed security guards flanking the paint chip display, they have become such a hot commodity.

I mean, do people just go in and take the chips in large quantities?
Enough chips to faux finish a wall, create a mosaic, make bookmarks, garlands, clocks and word games and just smile and say "I am looking for a new colour for the kitchen"?
Don't believe me? Look here.
People are making products with what I can only assume are pilfered paint chips?
I really want to know... I asked on my personal Facebook, and the only responses I received were from people wondering the same thing...
So someone better 'fess up! (please?)

Because seeing no alternative, and really wanting to try an activity (from Frugal Family Fun, via Sun Scholars), I snagged some.
And I felt like a criminal!
Walking in, calm and cool.
Examining various paint colours with an air of serious innocence,
imagining my 'new kitchen'
while surreptitiously choosing a hand full of wildly divergent paint chips for our activity.
Sliding them stealthily into a pamphlet of deck flooring finishes and waltzing out the door.

I half expected to have a getaway car appear, playing getaway music while we beat it before the coppers arrived....

I ended up with the most useless colours for a natural scavenger hunt and a couple doubles I was so flustered!
In the end, I made a clean getaway and we did have a lot of fun doing our Colour Scavenger Hunt while camping this week!  

We chose 5 chips to work with, grabbed a crayon, Ro's bike, the dogs and we set off through the campground to see how many colours we could match, checking them off on the back as we found them (leaving the fronts unmarred for future projects!).
(The version at Frugal Family Fun included pre-punched chips (easier for laying up against items to match) hung on a binder ring... we weren't so organized but it would make for easier management of the various bits!)

Of course, my colour choices did not lend themselves to nature as much as to brightly coloured camping gear, but we had fun, anyway! It was a great way to get some exercise, explore the park and have some simple fun together as a family.


Unknown said...

I am literally laughing out loud right now, that was so funny about feeling like a criminal! I totally feel that way too and I am always looking around wondering where the camera is and if they are counting how many I am taking. I haven't been brave enough to take large quantaties to do any big projects though. This looks like so much fun!

learningtable said...

I've wondered the same thing--is it stealing if you aren't really shopping for paint? One of these days, they will start charging for them like Pottery Barn does for their furniture swatches. I've seen some really creative uses for them, but I haven't had the nerve to swipe any!

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