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Tuesday, 16 August 2011
I have a box.
A BIG box of cotton tshirts.
Just sitting here, as they have done for about 18 months.
The plan has been to make something with them.
But until now, inspiration has not struck.

Some of them are upcycled, but 90% of them are brand new tees, washed and ready for butchering~ the mistakes salvaged from our print shop. I dyed a bunch of them about a year ago. I have tinkered with styles and techniques, never finding one that excited me.

Yesterday afternoon, around 3 pm, while standing in the lake watching the kids swim, it all gelled and I had to hurry home and make it happen! (well, 'hurry' meaning getting Rowan out of the lake, home, showered, fed... so it was more like 7 pm when I got to work).

(The same thing happens to me with preaching... I input the information and then it has to roll around in my head for a while until it is ready and then ...there it is... and it is best when this actually happens before Sunday morning!)

The Ring Around the Rosy Skirt has arrived!
• Soft yoga waistband, roll up or down
• Pretty swing shape, super soft cottons
• Detachable cotton flower~ wear on the skirt, a shirt, hair.. anywhere!
• Each one is one of a kind
• All dyes and paints are non-toxic professional and washfast

The funnest (it isn't a word, but should be!) part is that my business started, 4+ years ago, with hand dyed and hand painted cotton clothing, so these little skirts feel like coming home!

Available now and by chance in our Etsy shop♥♥


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love that! I'd love a tutorial too!

Unknown said...

You continue to amaze me!! These are darling! I love that you added the flower to them, so cute!

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea, Lori!

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