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Friday, 12 August 2011
Perhaps this isn't exactly what Frost meant by taking the 'road less travelled'.
But after three weeks of driving back and forth to a neighbouring town (30 km away) for swimming lessons every weekday, we needed a break in the routine, and a friend suggested taking an alternate route.
Big Kids Jumping into the big river

Around here, there are not a lot of alternate routes
Most side and back roads exist only for the purpose of access to homes and resources.
There are few landmarks on them, and most don't appear on a GPS.
So we don't often take unknown roads, after having a few peter out into rugged deer tracks in past attempts!

This time, however, we were in luck!
This unpresuming little road took us to where we needed to be... and was a surprisingly beautiful way to get there.
This birch was striking against the sky~utterly leafless.
A bend in the road asked us a question.... and in return I wondered at the placement of the sign...
As we approached a single lane bridge over the Distress River, for which the road is named, we witnessed a mom and 5 baby raccoons scurry over it and down the bank. We didn't capture them with the camera, but we jumped out to view the river and the flowers growing alongside the bridge on this August afternoon.
It was a lovely drive home, breaking the monotony of the weeks before and offering us beauty at every turn. 
{Our soundtrack? ABBA ~my daughter has just discovered it and loves it!}♥♥


Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

WOW.. What a beautiful place!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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