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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011
In Waldorf education, each day of the week has an associated colour, planet and grain. Rudolph Steiner called rhythm the 'carrier of life'.

It is so much fun to feature handmade, natural items that would be wonderful to help mark the rhythm of the week at home with your little ones.  And it is easy to do with the trove of treasures to be found on Etsy, that have been made by the busy hands of Etsy's Natural Kids Team (search: naturalkids team).

Tuesday is brilliant, bold and wonderful RED. 
1. Bandana Bean Bags, by Pretty Dreamer.
2. Organic Soy Crayons, by Earth Grown Crayons.
3. Spotted Mushroom Plushie, by Little Elf's Toy Shop.
4. Heirloom Brown Bear, by Woolies.
5. Toadstool Skittles, by Muddy Feet.
6. Pocket Dress + Wooden Mouse, by German Dolls and Woodmouse.
7. Knitted Ladybug, by Mamma 4 Earth.
8. Poppy Cuddle Doll, by Driaa.
9. Apple Sprite, by This Cosy Life.
10. Halloween Playsilk (Vampire), by Beneath the Rowan Tree.



Julie said...

What a fun collection! Thanks for including my sprite.

LittleElf said...

Great collection, thanks so much for including my little mushroom. ^_^


prettydreamer said...

hi Lori ... even with my earth colored loving self .. there is nothing like a dash of red to complete the picture! many thanks :) ❤ pamela

Shelby from said...

Oh my goodness! The toadstool skittles are some of the most adorable things I've ever seen. I'd just like to look at those sitting in my garden, awaiting a play date! Think I need to do a little shopping now :)

MuddyFeet said...

Lori, thank you for including my Skittles in your beautiful collection! I love learning about the colors and how they relate to Waldorf education!

@Shelby - thank you! I think they would certainly enjoy a spot in your garden! ;)

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