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Friday, 2 September 2011
Rowan lost her first tooth!
And she is so darn thrilled.

This past school year was a series of disappointments as she watched one child after another lose tooth after tooth, and she sat here with a mouth full.  She was somewhat mollified by the fact that the other kids were all turning 6 ahead of her, until she noticed a just-turned-5 year old with a missing tooth!

So when we found a slightly loose tooth about a week ago she dedicated herself to hastening its exit from her mouth. And last night I noticed it was tipping forward, and so anxious was she to lose a tooth, she actually let me twist it out (eek!). There is no sign of the new tooth, so I have made her promise to let the next lose one loosen up with a little less help.

I'm glad that I had made up a pouch for her eventual tooth loss from some scrap bamboo velour, wool felt and silk cord last week! (see the teeny tooth on the left? ewwww, I know!)
She was giddy with delight and spent the last half hour before bed looking at her new reflection.
Bedtime was a piece of cake as she was so anxious for the Tooth Fairy to come.
And she was not disappointed when the Tooth Fairy left her a shiny Toonie ($2 for the non-Canadians) and a special Tooth Fairy quarter (available at Canada Post outlets).
Life is too short not to enjoy these small milestones!
What are you celebrating?


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