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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011
Want to make your own Kaleidoscope™ Twirl Skirt?
Starting on September 9th... you can!

I am so excited to have the pattern ready to launch at FRESH on Friday, September 9th.
People often ask for the pattern, and I finally took the time to compile all of my tried and true notes and scribbles and calculations into something someone else can read. 

Sizes 2T -10/12
Sewing Machine and/or serger friendly.
Perfect for beginners.
A great scrap buster.

I am also hoping to release the Carillon™ & Carousel™ Twirl Skirt patterns this fall~ if life allows!

I have been doing a lot of reading about ADD (my daughter, a post for another day) and I had to wonder about myself tonight~ determined to finish the project, but spending 90 minutes on the front page of the pattern...! So I hope you love that bit best... *wink*

{I had hoped to have the listing up tonight, but an urgent call from a friend sent me out, armed with a syringe, to help her retrieve a swallowed sock from the innards of her 4.5 month old Beagle puppy.  I started out carefully measuring the hydrogen peroxide, but this pup is a tough little nut and we resorted to large amounts of salt water.  So the bulk of my evening was spent on the kitchen floor holding Beagle ears out of the way of, well, you know. And still no sock. So here's to hoping it makes an appearance by other means safely and quickly!}

Life happens!
The pattern will be available on Etsy this weekend.
And if you want an eye-full of twirly skirts, take a peek at the Gallery.

If you don't sew... don't despair! I am always happy to do customs and try to keep a variety of skirts in stock.♥♥


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