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Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Yum!  All natural, smooth and creamy lip balm made right in your kitchen!
As it turns out, the recipe for making your own beeswax lip balm is the same as the one for making our wood polish....

And we love this because:
First and foremost, it is natural and safe for little lips (and mouths).
And it smells good. (oh that your monitor was scratch and sniff right now!)
And is great for your skin!

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Set aside about 30 minutes to complete this project.
Supplies Needed:
  • Beeswax (50 ml melted wax will make nearly 8 oz. of balm)
  • Jojoba Oil (5 oz./ 150 ml will yield 8 oz. of balm
  • Glass measuring cups in suitable volumes
  • Pot 
  • metal spoon
  • FLAVOUR oils*, if desired
  • honey, if desired
  • lip balm tubes
  • tube stand or other means of keeping tubes upright and still
You can make as much or as little lip balm as you like, 
simply keep your beeswax to jojoba oil ration at 1:3.
For a softer polish, increase the jojoba (technically a wax, but liquid at room temperature).
For a harder polish, increase the beeswax.
Using the ingredients as listed on the supply list yielded approximately 40 standard tubes.

*Flavour Oils: these oils are available where candy making supplies are sold.  They do not actually add flavour to the lip balm~ they are scented.  BUT if you add a touch of sweetness (the honey) then they will be perceived as having the taste of the oil. Cool, huh?

1) Gather your supplies:
Set your pot on the stove, high heat, and fill part way with water to boil.
Put your measuring cup for melting the beeswax in the pot to heat with the water.
OR create another double boiler of your choice.

Figure out how much balm you plan to make, and measure the jojoba oil into the second measuring cup.
If you plan to make several flavours of balm, you can divide the oils in the last steps.

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2)  Melt the Beeswax.
SAFETY FIRST: Beeswax has a melting point of 143-148 degrees.
All waxes may ignite if they are heated to their flash point.
Never melt your beeswax in the microwave.
Always use a double boiler set up and remove the wax from the heat once it has melted.
TIP: Use a grater to shave off smaller amounts of beeswax for faster melting.
 I generally choose a small chunk, melt it in the measuring cup and eye up whether I have enough, adding more if needed.  If I over-melt, I simply pour off the excess into a non-porous container to cool and store for later use.
Mind that your pot does not boil dry and simply wait for the beeswax in your glass measuring cup to melt.

3) Set Up the Tubes.
You can purchase a commercial lip balm tube stand for pouring, or make your own.
I made my own by simply using rolls of packing tape!
Stand the tubes around the inside perimeter and stuff the center with enough paper towel to hold the tubes in place.
4) Mix the Oils.
When your beeswax is liquefied, pour the needed amount into the glass measuring cup holding your jojoba oil.
Make sure you have figured out your ratio and measurements ahead of time!

Place this mixture back into the double boiler to melt together (the beeswax will immediately begin to harden in the cool jojoba oil~ you could heat the jojoba ahead of time, but why dirty more dishes?), stirring regularly until you have a liquid mixture.
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5) Divide and Flavour.
If you plan to make several flavours, pour out the fraction of blended oils needed for your first flavour into a second glass container or measuring cup, leaving the remaining over low heat to keep it liquefied until you are ready for it.
Add your flavour oil and honey. Depending on your desired strength of flavour you could add 4-6 or more drops, and a 1/4 teaspoon of honey for every 250 ml (1/4 batch).

6) Fill the Tubes.
Using your measuring cup, carefully pour the balm into your waiting tubes.
Fill each tube only to the top of the center post inside the tube.
Allow this to begin to cool (it will start to turn a soft creamy yellow).
Top up to the edge of the tube once the lower portion is partly cooled ~ this will prevent a large 'dip' in the center and allow for easier twist up and down of the balm.
Allow to cool completely before capping.

Now you are ready to make your personalized labels!
You can start with this template: Lip Balm Labels
And follow these wonderful directions by BTRT guest blogger Kelly at Running with Glitter (posted by BTRT earlier this year):

To attach my labels I used standard packing tape and plain printer paper.. I was pretty proud of myself for discovering this ~It worked out fabulously. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person but hey...

Here is how to attach the labels:

lip balm, chapstick, recipe, make your own, natural ingredients, tutorial, instructions, free
  1. Gather Supplies- Packing Tape, Printed Paper, Scissors, blank filled chapstick tube
  2. Cut your labels out on the dotted lines and cover with packing tape. Trim the edges of tape that hang over the sides. Do not cut the tape off the ends. You will need this to secure the label to the tube.
  3. Wrap around the Chapstick and smooth the tape down. It will look seamless.
  4. Easy, Personal and cute!!!
I created labels for birthday party favours using purchased clipart, the template and Photoshop.
 Have fun!♥♥
{{Some folks are unsure about where to find beeswax. You can try a local apiary (we get ours from a local honey farm), or checkout online sources such as .  You can search for beeswax, but also 'encaustic supplies'}}(P.S. You can purchase tubes in various sized lots quickly through )


Meredith Resnick said...

Thank you for this post. My daughters use so much lip balm and I have been wanting to make our own as a way to control the ingredients and also because I just thought it would be fun! Thanks!!!

~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

Meredith Resnick said...

Thank you for this post. My daughters use so much lip balm and I have been wanting to make our own as a way to control the ingredients and also because I just thought it would be fun! Thanks!!!

~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

XYZZ said...

Awesome! I bet my daughter would love making these as gifts for friends. Thanks for sharing. :)

vehicle spill kits said...

Awesome. Before two days, this type of plastics I throw in dustbin. I am very late to read your blog post, which was very needed and beneficial for me.

Cynthia said...

To this day this is my favorite lip balm recipe! My entire family ( 4 girls and 2 boys) LOVE it too! Thank you so much for sharing this! I come back every 4-5 months for a new batch and to re read through the instructions. =)

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