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Friday, 30 September 2011
With the holiday season approaching, I thought I would share some tips and information to help you shop for playsilks~ whether you are new to playsilks, or a veteran, I hope you will find the information in this series helpful and informative.

For starters....

Playsilks make a wonderful gift for every child.
Suitable from infancy, even ‘big kids’ get a kick out of the possibilities a playsilk offers for play and dressup.
What makes silk such a wonderful gift?
  • Natural, renewable, breathable, beautiful fabric
  • Open ended, allowing the child to direct the play
  • Texture and colour, functional art for play and decor
  • Multi-age~ children of various ages can play together
  • Durable, washable, stands up to years of play
  • Simple~ no batteries, noises or hard parts... just fun!
Grownups will often look askance at playsilks, unsure that their child would play with them, or how they would play with them.
The good news is that kids know how to play imaginatively and creatively when given the space and simple tools~ they don’t need grownup direction (although we grownups can learn a thing or two from the kids!).

It is not unusual to get a note from a shocked parent.
One mom said “All three of my Star Wars, video-gaming addicted boys LOVE their playsilks”.
It’s true, boys love them, too.

With all of that said, let's consider one aspect of choosing a great playsilk for your kids:

Is it Silk? 
That sounds silly, but a search on Etsy for ‘playsilk’ will turn up a variety of fabrics.

One of the primary joys of silk is its natural beauty and renewability, along with its unique durability (silk is the world's strongest fiber).
Polyester cloths do not hold the same virtues, being made from synthetic materials.

When browsing through playsilks, read the item description carefully, looking for 100% silk~ if the price seems too good to be true, it might be a synthetic material.
Chiffon can be especially misleading, as there is silk chiffon and polyester chiffon available.
If you are uncertain, ask, so that you know what you are getting: poly fabrics are fun, too, just don't be mislead as to the nature of the item you are purchasing!

Most playsilk makers use Habotai or ‘China’ silk.
This is the soft, silky, lightweight fabric we usually associate with silk.
Another hint that you are getting quality silk is that the edges will be hand rolled, which is a very old and specific art in China and other Asian countires where silk is produced.

Next time... what does 'mm' mean? and no, it is not millimeters when referring to silk (or pearls)!♥♥

Part Two: Quality


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