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Saturday, 24 September 2011
Every autumn, we take a hike up to 'The Lookout'.
This year we managed to catch the fall colours right at their peak!

We are blessed to live in a beautiful place, and truly grateful.
Our highland region has long winters, with a beauty of their own.
But fall always wins my heart.
As we tramped up the path with it echoing hollow tones (perhaps from all of the roots beneath it, aerating the soil?) with a friend each,. Rowan and I, we laughed about past season's trips to this high ridge.

My favourite memory happened when Rowan was 3 and she and I went up alone.
We heard something in the woods.
Growing up in Southern Ontario, our woods were generally the bush lots on any given farm property.
But here in the northern part of the province, the woods are the real thing.
And there are bears.
And I think this was one of them.

I told Rowan to stay by me and if we met a bear, to get behind me and I would protect her.
I assured her that a 'mama' black bear and I would be somewhat evenly matched, and that I could "handle" a mama bear.
(Pure bravado!)
She responded in kind, telling me she could handle a baby bear.
And then, clinging to my hand, she squeaked out her real fear....
"I know you could handle the mama bear, Mommy, but I think the mama bear could handle ME".

Needless to say, we made it safe home, without any bear handling at all!

This trip was full of lovely sights and rich scents (the girls swore they smelled a skunk AND a fox).
They did find at least 3 different kinds of spoor.
And the fungi were abundant this year!

And this bizarre specimen, it turns out, is actually a slime mold (yum!)...
Lycogala epidendrum, known as wolf's milk or bubble gum or toothpaste slime mold.
Awfully pretty, though!
What is the autumn like where you live?♥♥


Amanda said...

Aww so beautiful. Autumn here is not like that! I miss the colorful woods. Here we are in a treeless tundra, but the ground cover is changing colors and the bushes are brimming with blueberries and we have been foraging for mountain cranberries as of late. We took a hike the other day and found 6 different kinds of fungi. I didn't have my camera with me though. Maybe we should head back out tomorrow and see what we can find. The wonderful thing about here is that Fall is rainbow season.

Love your blog. Thank you for all your inspiring posts.

Paula said...

You must be further north than we are. Our leaves are starting to turn, but not the bright red yet. We live right along the Trans Canada and had no where to go for lovely walks. They have recently torn out the CP tracks, so maybe Ella and I will have a wander down the 'track' and see what we see.

Sue said...

We will go for a drive and walk today to enjoy the beautiful colors in the sunshine.
I missed this so much and really enjoy being back in Northern Ontario.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

beeeautiful photos!

Unknown said...

The changing tundra sounds amazing, too!

paula, i think you may be more north, but we are definitely highlands and change very early.

and Sue, are you back in Ontario?!


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