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Tuesday, 27 September 2011
Last week, we celebrated the autumnal equinox.

Rowan (just turned 6) and our friend Naomi (25) decided to host a party for their parents.
Only, Naomi's parents couldn't make it.  
Boy, did they miss out!

You see, Naomi's mother and I went to theological college together.
Donna was (is) my wiser, older friend.
Her daughter, Naomi, is all grown up and found work as a funeral director in the small town where my family now lives.
And I get to be her older, wiser (?!) friend.
The circle of life, and all that.

So our 'girls' hang out sometimes.
And bless her, Naomi is still in that super-fun to be around age group for young kids... she doesn't put limits on their creative urges (like lettuce in a hot pasta salad, but we'll get to that) like a mom might do....

Anyway, a 'welcome fall' party was planned.
Naomi let Rowan choose the menu and be a little Chef Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen.
The table was set with a combination of stoneware, every day dishes and Ikea plastic cutlery.
A donkey was the centerpiece.
Very autumnal, indeed.

It went like this:
First Course (also known as 'the besides part')
Noodle Salad (Ditali pasta, served warm with cooked broccoli, fresh romaine lettuce and seasoned with lots of lemon juice, salt and an abundance of pepper)
{{ Rowan was very proud of this 'salad'.  We grinned and grimly ate our generous helpings (served by Ro). Hot wilted lettuce and sticky pasta. And you know how broccoli soaks up sauces and flavours? Like biting into a peppery cruciferous lemon. *shiver*}}

Second Course
Pepperettes and Marble Cheese, chunked
{{Note the festive donkey centerpiece.  And the cheese. Clearly torn apart by little (bare) hands.}}

The Orange Course
One mangled orange, or possibly a tangerine or a clementine?

Served lukewarm, half a pizza per plate
{{ Not bad! A+ for lots of veggies! Perhaps it could have been served when this course arrived, rather than placed on our plates with constant threats to life and limb should we touch the pizza before the other courses were complete.}}

Warm, iced butter pecan cake topped with the consequences of installing a 'sprinkles rack'
{{We were told there was a fall tree on the cake. Under the sprinkles. We took their word for it.}}

All in all, it was a joyous celebration of the new season, and far better for this mom having stayed out of it completely!
Rowan was thrilled with the success of her meal and is excitedly planning her next dinner party.
And we count Naomi and her sense of fun (and patience) as one of the great gifts in our lives!
Every kid needs a Naomi. ♥♥


Anonymous said...

Wow, the pizza is looking yummi! have to eat this one......

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