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Saturday, 1 October 2011
We live in the shadow of winter.
So we treasure the other seasons.

I think that is the reason that summer finds us perpetually at the lake and fall sends us again and again, at every sunny opportunity, into the woods. For in the autumn, especially we are aware that there could be snow in the air any day soon~ that the leaves will fall and the temperatures plummet into the grey, dark days of early winter.

Last Sunday we seized the beautiful, warm day and escaped to one of our favourite local places 'High Rock' (for contrast, it was 24 C last weekend and right now it is 5 C).

The High Rock is a lovely place, with a terraced lookout laid into the rock and a stone monument commemorating Mary S. Edgar, a local figure whose girls' camp, begun early last century, is still going strong. She was also a pioneer for Girl Guides in the area and a conservationist, too.

It is a good place.

The fall has brought on an abundance of fruit in the woods, berries and fungi abound.
 We took the dogs along, and other than a few scary moments when we were sure that our clumsy Sheltie, Archie, was going over the rock face, they enjoyed the freedom and exploring the woods as much as Rowan did. Murray for all of his tiny size was at home in the woods, moving and climbing like a squirrel through the undergrowth and over the granite outcroppings.
Somewhere in his adventures, Murray picked up some stowaways... and Andy had to repeatedly remove teeny tiny mantises from his fur (blech!).
 The lake was like glass, other than a couple of boats cutting through the surface.
These days and memories will warm us through the winter to come.
In the words of the hymn by Mary S. Edgar, printed on the High Rock monument:
God, who touchest earth with beauty,
Make me lovely too;
With Thy Spirit recreate me,
Make my heart anew.

Like Thy springs and running waters,
Make me crystal pure;
Like Thy rocks of towering grandeur,
Make me strong and sure.

Like Thy shining waves in sunlight,
Make me glad and free;
Like the straightness of the pine trees,
Let me upright be.


Sue said...

Love the woods right now too.
It went down to 1C up here. I think I'm not too far from where you live. :0)

Enjoy your day.

April's Homemaking said...

What a beautiful outing, and wonderful pictures!! I think the fall is such a beautiful time of year, I can't wait to go on an outing to the woods near the river we live near, so pretty this time of year! ~April

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