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Tuesday, 4 October 2011
This fall, our family is working hard to de-clutter our home and simplfy our lives.

We have been donating, yard saleing and tossing all of the accumulated STUFF that we don't need.
If it stays, it needs a purpose or a meaning.
I have been merrily sorting through my daughter's things, and telling my husband what he should get rid of.
But then... there is my stuff.
Especially my craft stuff.

I want to keep it all.
I get a thrill from needing a certain supply and then realizing "I have that!".
The appropriate glue for fabric to metal? I have that.
Split binder rings? Got 'em.
Drop spindle? Top or bottom whorl?
Sad, I know.

I have a box of sticky stuff (just about any adhesive you might need).
Paints (acrylic, watercolour, tempra, silk),. Pastels. Crayons. Pencil Crayons. Markers. Sharpies.
Thread. Beads. Wires. Two Dremels.Paper. Books.
Yarn. Fiber. Silk. Fabric. Fabric. Fabric.
Knitting needles. Felting Needles. Embroidery Needles. Sewing Machine Needles.
Buttons. Wood shapes. Canvases.
Acid dyes. Food dyes. Procion dyes.
And that is just the stuff I use.
Well, some of it.

I am working on it.
I might be able to let go of a few things.
Or sew my way out?
Right now, I am working my way through my scads (technical term for 'way too many') of fabric scraps and pieces.

Project # 1: Versatile little bows... these are fun~ we attach them to sweaters, pockets, backpacks, the dogs... anything that needs a little brightening up!
I have secured a locking bar pin to each one so that they can be pinned and re-pinned wherever you need them.  They also work great on ahairband or even a ponytail elastic.
They are so scrappy and cute~ they make me smile.

Project #2: Scrap Quilts for the dolls.
Made with designer quilting fabrics and scraps from my stash, these mini quilts have two layers of cotton flannel inside~ the flannel softens up so nicely and helps the quilts to drape better at this size.

The results of these projects are being added to our Etsy shop as they are completed.
Not that you need any more stuff, either, right?
*evil laughter*


Melanie said...

Love the scrap quilts! Great way to use those up!

Jenny said...

I probably have at least a hundred thrifted wool sweaters, plus a bunch of cut-up pieces, waiting to be made into coats and things. I am DYING to sew my way out, so I understand what you mean! I'm planning to make a lot of our Christmas gifts out of this stuff, so that should help, and I've significantly cut back on my thrifting trips until I can walk through my craft room instead of wading.

Unknown said...

LOL I hear you!
I found a great book last winter for using up thrifted sweaters, I think it was fa-la-la-la felt... I was wishing I had a few more so I could make a couple of the sweet ideas!

Lauren said...

I have a beanie for my daughter and some coordinating fabric and was trying to imagine a fabric bow. Than you for taking care of that for me. I will no longer have to wonder how cute it would be. Totally pinned your cute bows!

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