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Tuesday, 18 October 2011
Yay! It is Holy Family time again!
While my neck is mad at me, my hands and heart are happy to be making a few Holy Families and Nativity sets for the upcoming holiday season.

As a Christian educator and leader, and mostly as a parent, I believe strongly in the value of children holding the stories in their hands.  When they can touch and play and imagine the story with all of their senses (ok, maybe not taste in this case!), they engage on a deeper level with its meaning.

I remember a friend calling me to tell me that she had found her son, age 3, playing with the family (fragile) Nativity set with all of his superhero figures. She didn't know whether to be appalled or to encourage him.
This stuck with me. And 4 years ago, I made my first needlefelted Nativity set. 
I have lost track of how many I have made since!

The 'In Their Hands' set is designed for years of play. 
While I adore the look of the soft, flowing needlefelting style, it is not intended for toddler use. 
These Nativity pieces are firmly felted with no arms, legs or other bits to be pulled out by a persistent child.  Each figure stands 3-5" tall. 
And while they are firm in the middle, the surfaces are soft, lovely merino.

Holy Family sets (Mary w/ Jesus and Joseph) will be available in the shop by chance or by custom request.

Nativity sets are being offered on a custom basis with a layaway option ~ they may be made in a colour scheme of your choosing. Jesus may be attached to Mary or on his own...
Each set includes: Mary & Jesus, Joseph, three Wise Men, two Shepherds and an angel.

Order early, as we must ship all holiday orders by the end of November. ♥♥


Miss Traci said...

Those are really neat! I wasn't raised with a Christian background, so we never had a nativity set as part of our Christmas decor, but I remember going to relative's houses and never being allowed to touch them. It is really cool that these sets are interactive and are able to be used in such a way as to teach children the Christmas story and instill that bit of faith in them so young :)

Unknown said...

thank you!

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