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Thursday, 13 October 2011
Last week, I began a series of informational posts to help parents and family shop for playsilks for the little ones in their lives

Introduction Post/ Is It Silk?
Part Two :: Quality

This week, we'll take a look at size.

It matters. 
There is no standard for sizing silks.
One vendors ‘large’ may be 22" square, while another sells 30" the standard 'large' silk.
That 'large' silk at the great price may actually be half the size you would expect!
This diagram is done to scale, showing the differences in the most common sizes.
Different sizes work well for different types of play. 
They all have their place!
Our 11" Fairy Silkies™ are popular for babies and toddlers to hold and manipulate, but
also make great aids for preschooler play, too, coming in handy as soup in the bowl, a dolly
diaper, a gnome blanket, a hair pretty and more.

Over the years (and over 12 000 pieces dyed!) I have found the 35" to be the most versatile and popular size. It can carry through from infancy to middle childhood (and mom can wear it as a scarf in a pinch!). 
We have tested various sizes with many groups of children in workshops and play groups,
and repeatedly find the 35" to be their ‘go-to’ over the smaller 22" and 30" and the larger 44" standard sizes for a wide variety of play styles, both boys and girls.

So shop carefully.
Silk prices have tripled in the last year or two, and a couple of quality pieces will last throughout childhood.
Consider the age of the children~ look for the most versatile pieces for growing imaginations.
Silks are easy to store and take up very little space, even in the larger sizes.
Keep in mind that that ‘large’ silk may not be as large as you think (look for the measurements).
And those two identically priced pieces may in fact be two different sizes.
Sometimes you need one in EVERY size!
 When you purchase playsilks, you are making an investment in tools for your child's work of play.
Good tools are important!
So look for quality silk, in the right size for your family, well dyed.... we'll discuss dyeing next time! ♥♥


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