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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Friday, 14 October 2011
Waldorf education emphasizes the importance of rhythm in the life of young children~ it regulates them and helps them to create meaning.  To aid in this process, each day of the week is assigned a colour, and the colour for Saturday is blue.

Be sure to check out our other Waldorf  weekday features (see the topic list on the lower right column) for lots of ideas to incorporate colour and rhythm into your days.

Enjoy these fabulous finds, all made with natural materials! Yay!♥
1. Blue Garden Gnome, by Stepzin.
2. Mistletoe Gnome, by Painting Pixie.
3. Sperm Whale w/ Waves, by Cedar Hill Heirlooms.
4. Blue Dolly Sweater, by Dolly's Favorite One.
5. Spinning Top, by David Turns Bowls.
6. The Cedar Doll, by Boolah Baguette.
7. Teal Blue Fairy, by Crunchy Family Rising.
8. Wooden Race Car, AE Wooden Toys.
9. Blue Horse, by The Mortimer Tree.
10. Blueberry monster, by Mama Roots.


b carstenium said...

Oh, these blues are wonderful! Blues are so calming and lend a sense of comfort. I appreciate blue for Saturdays as the week winds down and we can settle from the active week.

Youe items of choice are beautiful! I want to play!

xo Brandy (PaintingPixie)

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