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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011
Rudolph Steiner, developer of the Waldorf educational philosophy, called rhythm the 'carrier of life' and assigned each day of the week with a colour.  The use of colour to mark the passing of days and weeks with young children is both effective and inspiring fo their work and play.

The colour for Wednesday is YELLOW.
And as we head into the dreary, wet and cold days of late autumn here in Northern Ontario, we could all use some warming up! These picks will warm you up and help to mark this day of the week.

1. Yellow Dandelion Fairy, by Rjabinnik.
2. Sweet Pea Waldorf Doll, by Wildwood Wee Folk.
3. Doll Bed, by Quietude Quilts.
4. Hollyhocks No. 3, by Heaven's Earth.
5. Cotton Jump Rope, by Jupiter's Child.
6. Star Knitting Pattern, by This Cosy Life.

7. Golden Retriever Art Marionette, by Two Sad Donkeys.

Stay warm!♥♥


April's Homemaking said...

Great finds! I have 5 carved figures from Rjabinnik and I just love them- love the dandelion figure, I would sure love to add more to my collection! Very pretty yellow items! ~April

Rjabinnik said...

Lovely collection...
I´m grateful for You have included my dandelion! Thank You very much :-)
Also thanks to April for unexpected nice feedback!
René (Rjabinnik)

Unknown said...

My pleasure Rene! Your work is continually inspiring!
I have a few more in mind for our collection April! Thanks for commenting!

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