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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011
I sort of love hedgehogs.

Over the past five years I have made them in a wide variety of ways...
Purses and pins...

Wobbly toys...

Itty Bitty Critters... (oh, the many itty bitty hedgehogs I have made!)

and the Hedgehog Ball, still one of my best sellers. This picture shows the standard sized ball amid a prickle of much larger balls which are in the Please Touch Museum, as interactive toys in the Alice in Wonderland world.
But recently I hit a crisis in my hedgehog love.
I met one.
And while she was adorable to look at, holding her was particularly unpleasant, like cuddling a cactus.

So today I thought I would refuel my hedgehog passion by finding some sweet hedgies on Etsy to share.

1. Henry, the Embroidery Floss Holder, by Giggle Snort Society.
2. Hedgehog Booties, by Funky Shapes.
3. Hedgehog Pin, by Hana Letters.
4. Hedgie Finger Puppets, by BTRT.
5. Hedgehog Sewing Pattern, by Little Hibou Shoppe.
6. Pink hedgehog, by Chipmunk Cheeks.
7. Clay Hedgehog, by Iktomi


PuppyLovePrincess said...

awe... hedgehogs are so cute!

Denise said...

Oh, your finds are all so cute. I'm really hooked on hedgies,too!
Thank you so much for giving me a shout out- I lovvvvve it!

Brina said...

Did you make the one in the second picture? That has to be the cutest one with the rose cheeks :o) I know you posted this a couple years back, but I just came across it while searching for a hedgehog toy for my baby. I'm glad I found it!

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