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Friday, 18 November 2011
You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it's all right.
 ~Maya Angelou
As winter begins to shake out her snowy robes around us, we begin to settle into our house after a season or two lived out of doors. 
In our part of Ontario, we expect wintry weather from now until late April.

With this on my mind, perhaps it is no surprise that I was thinking of little houses and the comforts of home!
And so inspired, cobbled together with silk and wool and cotton... some sweet little houses.
Perfect for gift giving and house warming!
And if there was any question that winter was on its way, the scene outside of my window on Thursday morning, following our first snowfall,  removed all doubt! 

The birds are stocking up, already making good use of the feeders we have begun to fill again.

My favourite, the bold little Chickadees, who stay close all winter long:
 A foursome of raucous Blue Jays took charge of the feeders for a while:
The Jays made such a mess, picking through for their favourites, that one very self contained crow found a feast on the ground, while a few Canada Geese also checked out the area.  And then, to my surprise (looking for the suet) came a lone woodpecker:
By the end of the morning, the first snowfall had melted away, the birds were full and I had some little houses finished.  Not a bad way to spend a sunny November morning. ♥♥


Ayana said...

Mmmm! Those houses are super cute! I'll bet they would be awesome as room fresheners (or drawer fresheners) with some lavender in them.

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute! They would be nice tooth fairy pillows.

Unknown said...

Thanks! Great ideas on both counts!
I did have some organic lavender buds around here... should try and find them!!

The Monko said...

what amazing birds, such great photos. I love looking at your blog, the mix of handmade stuff and nature is so inspiring

germandolls said...

Great shots of the birds! I agree. I cannot manage to get decent photo of any of the birds that live outside my window. They get so fat they make the branches bend down when they land on the bush right next to my window...It's quite funny to watch them.

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