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Friday, 11 November 2011
We ♥ stones.

I am regularly exasperated with my daughter, who, since she could crawl, has collected stones (and stuffed them in *my* pockets).
She shows no signs of stopping.
We keep a basket at the front door for her 'collection'.
Every once in a while I release some of her captives back into the wild.
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But how exasperated can I be when I consider my own collection of beloved stones?
From the large doorstop sized pink granite and quartz stone from the Northwest Miramichi River in New Brunswick which my husband curses every timeher stubs his toes on it in the dark..
To the satisfyingly egg shaped purple rock with a blue and yellow stripe that has sat on my desk for many years, my touchstone for prayer and contemplation.
To the tiny pebbles in a rainbow of colours, collected on an Atlantic beach on a foggy day at low tide and lovingly glossed (with clear nail polish!) so many years ago, that sit in a dish on my bookshelves.

The kid comes by it naturally.
And she has a great eye... these are a few of the real beauties I found in her basket..
I just wish that she would stop filling her backpack with several pounds of grey stone chips from the school yard on a daily basis, claiming themto be dinosaur fossils that she simply must keep.

A while back I spotted the Story Stones at Red Bird Crafts.
And I was smitten.
Stones AND stories in one? Sign me up!
Simple pictures or words, added to stones to be used for storytelling.

Rather than use paper to applique images on stones, I hauled out my paints and made some simple images on the stones.
You can use paper, fabric, permanent markers, ink and stamps or paint to make your images.

Seal them with a quick coat of Mod Podge.
 How easy is that?!

As my daughter is in Grade One and a precocious reader, I decided to make a mix of 'noun' stones and 'verb' stones.  For the verbs, I used the simple root which will allow her to use in the tense and form she needs.  For younger children, picture stones alone will be sure to spark imaginative storytelling!

When Rowan arrived home from school she was thrilled with her basket of colourful stones.
I suggested she choose a few and write me a sentence or two, which she did, gladly.
What a great way to encourage writing practice~ especially for a kid with ADD who sometimes needs a 'hook' to make a routine activity more challenging and interesting.
After writing we played a game where we each drew a stone from the basket and told the next part of the story, having to incorporate the word or image we had chosen. After that, we lined up the stones and made a story using the stones in order to build the narrative.

I hope to continue adding new stones~ particularly those representing her list of spelling words each week to sneak in a little extra practice.

Such a simple and wonder full idea... go do it!♥♥


Ayana said...

Oooh, that is so fun! When my kids are old enough, I am totally doing this!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Miss Traci said...

What a wonderful use for the stones she collects so faithfully! Wonderful idea to keep little ones involved in learning :)

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