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Wednesday, 28 December 2011
Keep your young skater’s toes warm and cozy while they skate this winter!
Knit these fun and endlessly embellish-able boot covers in a night or two.
Your skater’s will have warm toes while they bunny hop the winter away!
Ravelry users, you can add this pattern to your faves by following THIS LINK.
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 My daughter was having trouble with her toes getting cold before she was ready to come off the ice.
I couldn’t find a pattern for what I needed.
Of course, I could have bought skate covers, but where is the fun in that?!
So after much trial and error, adapting other footwear patterns,  and a few wild leaps, the Bunny Hop Skate Warmers were born... and no more cold toes!
These slip over boot covers stay over the skates with their own weight.
I am all about the natural fibers, but in this case choosing a superwash or synthetic yarn is suggested as they will get wet and need drying~ natural wool covers risk being felted (and shrinking!) in this repeated process.
Adapting this pattern up or down in size  is as simple as adding stitches or subtracting enough
stitches to shift the pattern to fit the boot size. Math is not my strong suit, and since this is a free
pattern, I figured I would let you clever types do the calculations!

This pattern, as written, will fit girl’s figure skates from size 11 - 2.

     ❄    knit & purl (stockinette stitch)
     ❄    moss (or seed) stitch or ribbing if preferred
     ❄    k2tog and SSK (knit 2 together and slip slip knit) decreases
     ❄    long tail cast on (creates a stretchy hem)
     ❄    Zimmerman’s sewn bind off (or other bind off as preferred)

     ❅    3.5 oz. of worsted weight yarn
     ❅    Stitch marker
     ❅    blunt needle for sewing in ends
     ❅    16" circular and/or DPNs (size 5/ 3.75 mm)
                    I start these with the circular and switch to the DPNS on the ankle, but you could
                    remain on the circulars using the Magic Loop technique.
Gauge is less important than creating a bootie that fits the skates.
I used a heavy worsted and the size 5 needles for a gauge of 1" = 5 st.
I would use a 6 or 7 needle on a lighter worsted.
Size to the boot as you go.

Cast on 76 stitches using a long tail cast on.
Place marker and join in the round.

Knit 12 rows in moss stitch.
Add 2-4 rows if making size 1 or 2.
(If possible, check against the skate to ensure that these rows will easily cover the toe of the boot,
which is slightly lower than the heel on a figure skate).

Begin decreasing on every round as follows:
K 35, K2tog, P2, SSK, K 35
continue until you have 40 stitches left on the needle(s).

Knit 22 rows
(or number needed to reach top of skate boot) in moss stitch.

Bind off using Elisabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off to create a pretty, stretchy edge.

with buttons or pompoms, or whatever you choose!
Alternate pattern: replace all of the moss stitch with k2, p2 ribbing.

The warmers are pictured below with the ankle cuff turned down.
 skate, boot, covers, warmers, skate covers, skate warmers, handmade, knit, knitting, knitted, pattern, free, diy, wool, yarn, girl's, children, figure skates, figure skating, free pattern
This pattern is being offered to you free of charge.
You are welcome to do what you like with what you make, but credit for the design to 
Beneath the Rowan Tree ©2011 and a link back to 
is an appreciated courtesy.
The text and photos of this pattern are protected under copyright and may not be used in any way without  permission from Lori Campbell/ Beneath the Rowan Tree. ♥♥


Tanya said...

Silly question, but how do you put them on? Over the blade once the skates are on and tied, or can you somehow tie up the skates while the cover is on?

Unknown said...

LOL not a silly question!
I will have to add the answer.. put them on before putting on the skates~ that is put the foot through and slide it up above the ankle, put on the skates, tie them, and slide it back down :)

EMMA said...

Hi,my son is a hockey player so I really don't think he'll go for these but I sooo want a pair to put over my cross-country ski boots!
Thanks for the free pattern, and Happy New Year from a very snowy France (Chamonix)

HoneySage said...

I am just learning to knit and this is now on my list to try! Thank you for sharing!

Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

So cute! I really need to learn to knit. Thanks so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Great project! I love this idea and it was so nice of you to make the pattern available.

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

These are wonderful!! TFS!! Stopping by from What Allie's Making Linky Party and your newest follower here, FB, Pinterest and Ravelry.

I am a new knitter and just started skating again...Perfect!!

Lori said...

What is the difficulty level on these?
Thinking about learning to knit, maybe it would keep me busy during my daughters skate lessons.
I use to knit as a kid with my Mom she but died when I was young so I don't remember how to anymore.
Or should I try to higher somebody to make them?

PamJoslyn said...

I just made these for myself and they look great! Thanks so much for posting the pattern. I skate outside in Norway and my skates are a bit snug for putting on more than one pair of socks, so my feet were getting cold! These are perfect. I kind of wish I had gone higher with the boot top and not swapped stockinette for seed stitch, but here is a picture I posted on facebook of the finished product:

To make mine in a ladies size nine, I used a fairly chunky 100% wool yarn 100g = 60 st; 14st= 10cm (despite the fear of felting- I'll be using covers over them), used 10mm circular needles that measured 60cm from tip to tip, and casted on 60 stitches to start. The decreases were exactly right for the slope of adult boots as described for the children's sizes. I don't think it would be steep enough for bicycle shoes or xc ski boots (some of my facebook friends are thinking of modifying for that), but it would work for downhill boots I think (then a wax canvas cover is definitely needed). Oh, and I added an elastic band woven through the bottom cast on stitches and cinched in a bit, to keep them stretched snugly on. I was worried they would bunch up under the top skate covers that I plan to use (if I can bear to have them not be seen lol)

I'm a beginning/intermediate knitter, so I had to refer to You Tube to learn SSK and the Zimmerman bind-off, but even including that they took about an hour and a half each and were not difficult. Thanks again for this! Sorry if my comment shows more than once, had some trouble posting.

Best regards,

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