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Thursday, 1 December 2011
We have decided to begin a new holiday tradition this year.
We are reading one holiday themed book a day until Christmas.

I have seen this done by wrapping up 24 (or 25) books for the beginning of December and opening one a day.
I wasn't comfortable with all that packaging, so decided to use fabric and make gift bags we can use again each year, along with hanging, numbered tags.  Once I finish up my Christmas orders for BTRT I will get pictures and instructions posted!

At this point, we have about 12 quality Christmas books, collected over the years.
And a whole bunch of not-so-hot titles, too!
Almost enough to make it to 25.
My hope is that each year we can add a couple of new titles to create a Christmas canon of cherished stories.
For now, we are filling out the roster with the second string and a few library finds.

Our book for Day One is from the back bench: Annabelle's Wish.

The story of a calf who wants to be a reindeer, who uses her annual Christmas gift from Santa~ a voice, as a wish for her mute friend Billy.  The book is based on animated film (1997) of the same name, which I assume fleshes out the story a little more fully~ we will have to keep an eye out for the movie this sesaon. Even so, it hints at a story with a sweet heart and the magic of Christmas.
You can visit Annabelle at her own website.


RaeO said...

This is such a fantastic idea! Right down to the fabric gift bags! I can't wait to see what other books you read.

Anonymous said...

If Annabel does not make it to TV this year, you can watch it on youtube -
It's broken up into small portions -

Unknown said...

awesome! Thanks!

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