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Saturday, 3 December 2011
We have begun a new Christmas tradition.

And while I am still scrambling to catch up~ that is, get enough books!~ we are underway.

Book #2 was one of several versions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that we own... Rowan has had a fascination with Rudolph for , well, forever.

Currently she is the writer/ director/ star of her own Christmas play at school. 
During recess.
It revolves around Rudolph (played by Rowan), and what was supposed to be a cast of reindeer relatives, but she tells me they have all decided to be fairies instead.
She is not impressed.

So book #2 was a salve to her wounded sense of artistic integrity.
This Golden Super Shape Book was published in 1972.
This version skims close to the song, highlighting Rudolph's shame and all of the cool jobs the reindeer get to do~ like playing with the Christmas kittens, until, of course, Rudolph makes himself useful to Santa.  Rowan read this one to us.
What's on your holiday reading list?♥♥


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