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Wednesday, 14 December 2011
You've gotta love sweet, simple, personal Christmas cards!
This idea gets a thumbs up {groan}.
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Pinterest does it again!
I found this little gem of an idea here: Meet the Dubiens. (click for full instructions)

As we are intent on making all of our Christmas crafts from items and supplies we already have at home, we used watercolour paper and stamping ink to get the job done!
Sweet, simple, almost-instant Christmas art. 
Perfect for grandparents!
On a card, in a frame... you decide!
Have fun!♥♥


wendyp said...

how cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this! So simple; I love simplicity!

neenatime said...

My daughter is named Rowan, born in 2003... Love your ideas, and I can't wait to share them with her!!!!!

khusbhu said...

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Ryan O'Rourke said...

Hi, Lori:

This is a really cute idea!I am a blogger for Marygrove College’s Master in the Art of teaching program. I've got a quick question:

We’re putting together a new resource for teachers—one to give them a few arts and craft ideas for the holiday season—and we were wondering if you’d mind us featuring your craft idea in it. I think teachers would love this!

We would, of course, site your blog and link back to it.

Have a great weekend. Keep me posted.


Anonymous said...

Terrific craft! Please share on our Christmas Crafts Linky Party and get some additional traffic to your site. Post as many holiday ideas that you have. And feel free to join this Blog Hop on your own site.

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! We just made these for the kids Christmas thank you cards.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting. I am class parent for my daughter's Kindergarten class and I am having each student in the class make a thumb print on canvas and giving it to the teachers for a holiday gift. Love the idea!

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