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Friday, 23 December 2011
We have had so much fun making and preparing this guinea pig home for Christmas!

Daughter Rowan, age 6, is excitedly hoping that Santa will bring her a Guinea Pig Gift Certificate (since we all know Santa never brings live animals, right?!) to redeem after Christmas for two little piggies.
I happen to know that Santa is going to grant her wish.

So we have been getting ready....
Guinea Pig cages ain't what they used to be!
This is a 'C & C' (cubes and coroplast) cage~ made by Daddy, decorated by Mommy.
It features a fleece lined living room~ fleece backed with toweling~ think cloth diapers! should last a week or so with extra absorbent pads under the sleeping areas~ all washable and re-useable.
And a kitchen for food and litter box which is filled with disposable, recycled bedding.
The door slides in and out (pictured out) so Rowan can access the animals easily.
We plan on picking up our new pets a few days after Christmas, and we'll keep you posted!
We expect Archie the Sheltie will be thrilled to have little herd animals to herd, but we do have concerns about Murray~ while GPs will be nearly his size (all 4.5 pounds of him), he has the heart of a ratter! Eek! ♥♥


Pom Pom said...

How cute! That's the fanciest guinea pig digs I've ever seen! Have fun! I look forward to seeing pictures of the piggies!
Merry Christmas!

mom2girls said...

Oh she will LOVE them ,and they will LOVE this house - wow! I grew up with piggies and my girls have them now - I would not worrie to much about your little dog - those little guinea pigs have a solid bite, that will tame a small dog/cat no problem. (or a child who is being to rough) They make great pets, handle them lots and lots when they are small and they will be SO tame, when I was little mine could sleep with me at night, but I think she was very unusual.
Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

We just got a hedgehog and built him a very similar "cage" (although it's more like a palace for them ;) using the same C & C, fleece and plexiglass to go half way up the sides. He loves it! And I'm sure your future furry family members will too!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Love to hear the encouragement~ we have the boys at home tonight and they are scared silly, but we will be patient, they are young and so many changes all at once!

Brian Rescue said...

I absolutely love your piggie's home. It's beautiful!

Would you mind telling me if the cage is home-made or...? And where did you get the multi-colored patterned fleece?

Thanks so much!
- Brian from Oregon USA

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