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Saturday, 31 December 2011
This Christmas, we welcomed two new boys to our family!
Of the furry kind...

Ghidora and Godzilla ~ Rowan and her Daddy love monster movies~ came home on the 27th and have quickly adjusted to their new home, rewarding our patience with lots of chirps and purring, popcorning (when piggies leap about, it really looks like popcorn popping!) and happy 'wheeks'.

Guinea pigs are *not* quiet pets!
But their happy little noises make everyone smile.
And yes, they do produce as much 'output' as people say, it is rather shocking how much these little munchers can leave behind!

We are really pleased so far with the function of our homemade cage.
Super easy to clean a little every day and clean out completely once every 5-7 days.
They have a kitchen area (pictured below) with litter and a living area (above) with re-useable fleece.

So far Murray, the Papillon (all 4.5 pounds of him) hasn't really seen the piggies, and his lack of curiosity is reassuring!  Archie, the Sheltie, has licked (Rowan says kissed, I say tasted!) each of them and is feeling pretty paternal~ that herding instinct is so strong and leads to his gentle care of any creature he finds (he is, however highly supervised at all times near the piggies!).

Our 6 year old was a little disappointed at first that she couldn't just play with the pigs, but as we are becoming able to hold them, she is enjoying reading to them and today she coloured with them for about an hour, apparently they told her what to colour and she did as they said...! 

It has been a great life lesson in patience for her to wait on them to warm up to us, as well as one of self-control in the presence of a small and skittish animal. Each day we are giving her more of the care tasks, as well.


Pom Pom said...

They are super cute! You were smart to get two. We had a lone guinea pig once and I think he was bored. He didn't squeak!

Tanya said...

Love your new piggies!! Our oldest (who has mutiple learning and sensory issues) we discovered has an incredible ability with animals and got his own cockatiel recently. She is a gem and he is amazing with her. I think having an animal who requires care and being thought of is a real gift for kids. For Crispin, it has given him a real sense of responsibility and also the knowledge that he is really *good* at something! (and trust me, he is amazing with animals!!) I'm sure Rowan will enjoy having these little friends to work with and love :)

Take care

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments! How wonderful to hear about Crispin and his pet! Our daughter is struggling with high sensitivity and anxiety and animals are definitely one of her 'islands of competence' where she feels both in control in a healthy way, by having responsibility and confident because she can give to them what they need (or in the case of horses, that she can work with them and go where she wants to go LOL). I think animals are also sensitive to people who need them, and have endless patience when it is deserved. I am really looking forward to her continued bonding with the new boys! Best to you!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! It is a great lesson in patience for sure and I think it's adorable that your daughter reads to them and colors with them. Sounds like they might produce as much "output" as my little hedgie... it definitely is shocking! lol.

rys said...

I'm curious how the guinea fleece is working out a year later? And what do you use as underbedding? Considering this for our Christmas this year. :) thnx!!

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