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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011
These sweet little candy cane ponies are sweet, simple and adorable!
 Not to mention great for using up lots of odd ends of yarn, as gauge and weight are not critical, and easy to adapt.
You can find the pattern details here: Candy Cane Ponies from Hollinger Fiber Farm.
I made 2 dozen and Rowan is giving them out to friends and family for Christmas.
If you purchase the pattern ($2), note that I didn't tie the ends of the yarn around the canes, and they seem to stay put just fine (I pictured how tangled they would become when I pack the ornaments away for next year with dangling yarn!).

I also opted out of adding eyes, and made the reins from yarn to keep them natural and avoid messing with glue (and ending up with one eyed ponies some year, 'cause that would be creepy!~ but then again maybe no-eyed ponies are creepier?!).

A great project for a novice knitter or even a spool knitter!

Rowan lent me her thumbs to make our holiday cards~ we used ink, Sharpies, the backs of old business cards, a glue stick and card stock. 
Easy peasy!♥♥


hakucho said...

Your ponies are wonderful! Clearly the eyes and ribbon are not necessary and thanks for the tip about not wrapping the yarn. Will have to try that next year :)

Merry Christmas :)

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