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Wednesday, 25 January 2012
I am always on the lookout for fun new creative activities to share with my daughter (and her friends~ they know this is the house where we do crafts!). Especially on cold or rainy days.

A few weeks back, I snagged some window writing markers from the art supply store (post-Christmas sales!).  I have seen the Crayola version in action, but never felt moved to buy any for our own use.
These, however, we love and they were just right for jazzing up a snow day!
This set of 8 Washable Window Markers from Sargent Art are bold, bright and addictive... you will have to keep your little ones (and yourself) from decorating all the glass surfaces in your house! 
They do take a little elbow grease to remove if left on the windows after your play time, but the bold colours and ease of use make it worthwhile.
 These markers would make a great art activity especially for children less inclined to creative pursuits~ the ones who 'hate' colouring just might come around if they can colour on the windows!

We have also been using them to leave messages and silly pictures on the bathroom mirrors!♥♥
Have you found any cool supplies lately? Do tell!


Lynn said...

window crayons got us through a long winter last year! i use giotto window crayons and my rowan and i love them! have you tried blowing bubbles in the icy cold yet? it's another winter favorite around here!

Unknown said...

Oh cool! We will HAVE to try that! I think all our bubble wands are buried in the snow, so we'll have to improvise!

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