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Monday, 2 January 2012
I always enjoy the holiday break from making things in our shop~ it is a great chance to make things!
Always a lover of colour and a dyer to the core, I have been enjoying hand painting yarn.

I have often dyed what I needed over the years, but this time I set out to establish some real colourways (based on my favourite silk colours!) and hone my skills... and have some fun.

Here are some of my results:
I also learned to crochet in the last 6 weeks... I was determined to learn (it felt like a gap in my crafting resume!) and bless the Craftyminx for her awesome video Crochet School... if you have been waiting to learn, check it out!

I am hoping to pull together some knitting/ felting kits with my own dyed yarn in the near future.

{{In my daughter's Grade One class they are allowed to ask questions OR make comments to the presenter at Show and Tell~ which is brilliant because most 6 year olds prefer to make statements.. you show them you favourite stuffed dog and they say "I like ice cream"... my point being, you are more than welcome to make comments on this post ♥♥}}


Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

good for you! wish I could crochet... but I have sooo many crafty hobbies already haha

Unknown said...

LOL but if you can't crochet will you ever really feel like a WHOLE crafter?! ;)

Amie@Itsystitch said...

I love that first ball of yarn! I would love to learn to dye my own yarn for my doll hair, but truth be told it intimidates me!

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