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Friday, 13 January 2012
We live in what is known as the 'near North' in Ontario.

For people from Southern Ontario (also known collectively, by Northerners as 'Toronto') we are considered to be crazy north.  For people from outside of Canada, perhaps we are all living way up north~ anecdotes of the American tourists crossing the border in May with skis on their roof racks abound.  But we don't live in igloos, ride moose or rub shoulders with polar bears. Honest.

Where we live, however, we do have as much as 6 months of winter, it's true.
And we do use snowshoes and snowmobiles.
We ski and snowboard and toboggan and skate.
We make the most of what we have and fully appreciate the rest of the seasons when they finally arrive!

I thought I would put our 'northernness' into perspective for the rest of you~ below is a map that shows where we are in Ontario (and hence, the 'Near North' designation!). Southern Ontario is the most populous region in Canada and extends down to Windsor (across the border from Detroit, MI.) and if my high school geography teacher was right, Windsor is as far south as Northern California is north.

I have a sister near Windsor, and last week she went into her neighbour's field and picked green brussel sprouts from the plants.

This is what we did last week....
Quite a difference!
(For reference, it would be a 5-6 hour drive to visit my sister).

So, yes, we live 'up north' by most standards, but we are no where NEAR north when it comes to the whole of Ontario, or Canada.  Although I do want to make the trek further north to rub shoulders with the polar bears one of these days!

 What is it like where you live?!♥♥


Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

oh the cold. I'm a Manitoban so i know it well. said...

Love this post (and your map)!! LOL

My husband was born and raised in Ottawa and we travel up every February for Winterlude! Love the cold and the snow (well, now that we live in Pennsylvania and don't have to deal with it as much as my poor husband did)!!

Unknown said...

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Tanya said...

We live on the West Coast (Vancouver Island) so even winter is generally wet, cold and overcast. This weekend though, we're expecting a bit of snow which is super exciting for us!

My mum and sister live in southern MB though so we know the cold and snow well :)

Love the pic of your sister and the brussels sprouts!

Take care

W-S Wanderings said...

You got me giggling. I sometimes drive into the official north, from the perspective of government programs, for my work. Definitely no polar bears in sight :-)

Unknown said...

oooh, Manitoba, now that is cold! But it's a dry cold, right? LOL (that is what people always say...)
I really would like to go north to see the polar bears at Cochrane, but man, it i s a loooong way!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Montreal, then lived 6 years in PEI in my early 20's and now I'm in Alberta. I discovered all kinds of colds, lol. We've been having a strangely mild winter so far this year, with barely a dusting of snow. But I am grateful it's not near -30 as we had in the past couple of years. I kind of envy your snow though, the kids are really missing playing in the white stuff!

EMMA said...

Hi, I live in the alps so we have an almost 6 month winter too. We can't wait for the snow to arrive and then are very glad when it finally leaves!
I lived in Vancouver for a while and I think Canada is a fantastic place - North, South, East, West and even that big flat bit in the middle!

Sarah said...

Love your little map to show where BTRT is! We are practically neighbours:)

MissLucy said...

that's funny! I'm in Norway, and a lot of people think we have eternal winter and polar bears in the streets. I spent a year as an exchange student in Canada (Alberta), and was astonished to find that my town in Norway is actually on the same latitude as the North West Territories, because where I live we have mild winters and very rarely do we get any snow...

Unknown said...

*waves* to Sarah.
It is funny, the perceptions we have of other places. I lived in Northern New Brunswick and where we are now is the same latitude and definitely same weather.
I would have thought you rode the polar bears in Norway ;)

Tanya said...

Ha ha, I'm in Ottawa and assumed you were more north than you are! Oops.

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