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Friday, 27 January 2012
It is no secret that I like to dye things in bright and pretty colours, is it?!

Cotton, bamboo, silk... you name it!
And for a while now, I have been working on wool~ bringing some of my favourite colourways (colour combinations) across from silk onto wool and I am very happy with the results of my hand painting adventures!

I have chosen to use my favourite wool for fulling (=felting of knitted or crocheted items)~ a gorgeous single ply merino.  This yarn is wonderfully soft and lofty~ reminiscent of a handspun yarn.
I am terribly sensitive to processed wool, and cannot wear it~ but this yarn I happily wear next to my skin.

It felts in minutes~ evenly and without the fuzziness you sometimes get from other yarns, making a nice supple fabric to work with whether hand or machine sewing.
It also works well for non-felted items, but I don't suggest using it for mittens or other projects that will take a lot of wear and friction... because it does felt easily!
'Easter Eggs' crocheted
'Easter Eggs' knit and felted

This yarn is available in 3.5 oz cakes or skeins.
I can custom dye more if you need it, or skein off less for you, too (it is a great yarn for craft projects in which you may only need an ounce or two).

Take a peek~ and I would love your feedback!♥♥


Tanya said...

Beautiful, happy colours!

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