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Monday, 27 February 2012
'Cause I am exhausted already!

I have a few blog posts in the works, and some guests and features coming up... but until then, you are stuck with *me*.
Here's the happs:
~working on orders AND getting some Sweet Somethings™ done up to list this week!
~ I am doing a play with the community theater in April (acting), so I am beginning to think and speak in character (a silly fun British farce).
~ We have decided to homeschool our daughter for what will likely be the remainder of the school year and we will see where that takes us and how we are doing (more on that to come)~ so I am working on that transition and all it entails (yikes!)
~ It is Lent and then comes Easter,always a crazy time in the church.
~ And on Friday last I fell in love (that is how Rowan puts it, my take is more that I was temporarily insane!) and brought home guinea pig #3. Lemon is a sweetie, but three pubescent boars is no easy feat when it comes to introductions, adjustments and the pecking order.  Right now, they are all having 'dates' in a common neutral space to learn to get along.... yes, my life includes guinea pig dating.
So blogging is on my mind, but between curriculum, piggies, felting, dyeing, memorizing (and did I mention the sinus infection?!) and oh, my job... it is tough to find the time to pull it together!

What are you up to? ♥♥


Miss Traci said...

My goodness that's a lot on your plate! I hope the sinus infection goes away, and soon. Those are no fun! And best of luck with homeschooling your daughter. I hope it helps her continue to be the special, sensitive child that she is, and helps her to not be overwhelmed by too much stimuli!!

Unknown said...

Thank you!♥

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