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Saturday, 4 February 2012
Simple, pretty and fun holders for embroidery floss, make stitching fun (and organized!) for little hands!

My daughter is enjoying stitching these days.
Her Auntie got her a sweet little vintage sewing box (wooden, in the shape of a treadle sewing machine) for Christmas, and I finally got around to organizing a few simple supplies and tools for her to call her own.
Scissors, her blunt tapestry needles and a needle pouch.

But the the thread.
Loose and trailing threads are the bane of my existence, I don't want to deal with it for Rowan, too!
I do have lots of the little cardboard and plastic thingys that you wrap your embroidery floss around.

Any of the alternatives I could find online involved tying the thread through a hole.
Awkward for little hands AND boring.
So, with a determination to use materials on hand and a bit of trial and error, I came up with these sweet little floss holders...
  • Colorful paper or cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Image to trace
  • Lamination sheet + laminator (or get them done at your library or copy shop)~ or use cardboard.
1) Decide on your shape and size.  Butterflies work particularly well as they have a natural shape that lends itself to holding floss, but pretty much anything will do if it can contain the thread on either side!

2) Make a template:  you could draw your own, or trace from a book.  I went to Google Images and searched for "vector image butterfly silhouette"~ as this was for personal use, and not for sale, I simply fond an image that suited  my needs, and printed it out in the size I needed (2" tall).

3) Cut out your shapes: Each holder will need two pieces of paper (front and back), so I stacked up some (textured) scrapbooking paper left from a long ago project, and cut out 24 butterflies (for 12 holders).  If your shape is not symmetrical, remember to turn your papers either both right sides out or both right sides in!

4) Add a dab of glue: between each pair, right sides out.  I forgot to do this on some of mine and they slid askew during lamination.

5) Laminate: follow the instructions for your laminator, or take a quick trip to the copy shop or library!  I managed to fit all 12~ 2" high butterflies on one sheet.

6) Cut out and put them to work: Cut out all of your shapes, cut a slit into one side (between upper and lower wings on my butterflies) to hold the live tail of the floss.  Wrap floss around the middle of the butterfly and tuck in the tail.  While these could easily hold an entire skein, I only put 1/2 skein on each for my daughter, less chance of entanglement!

Finally, I put the holders into a small wooden tray (left over from a stamp set, I believe~ perfect size!) and slipped them into Rowan's sewing box as a surprise after school.

 How easy is that? And they look so pretty and appealing... I kind of want to go and make some for all of my floss! ♥♥


Kristy said...

Very cute and clever idea! Thanks for sharing!

annies home said...

so super cute I am a new follower of yours come see me at

Shari said...

Very cute

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