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Thursday, 16 February 2012
In Waldorf pedagogy the days of the week each have an associated colour, and the colour for Thursday is orange.

I love looking at all of the amazing and adorable Waldorf dolls made by creative hands.  So today's orange collection features their sweet faces! (Click image to view larger)
 1. Fiery Fae, by Wooly Roo Dolls.
2. Clown Doll, by Kensa Wool.
3. Miss Marigold Flower Child, by Driaa.
4. Aspen, by Kristen LeClair
5. 16" Doll, by Berty and Masha.
6. Wool Dolly, by Bug, not Bear.
7. Jaka, by Sonja Jamnik.
8. Waldorf Doll, by Damsel in Distress.



My Oatmeal Kisses said...

What a fun activity, and your little girl is darlin. We did some things with the sense of taste this week that were a blast. Come check us out.

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