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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012
 In Waldorf education, each day of the week has an associated colour, planet and grain. Rudolph Steiner called rhythm the 'carrier of life'.

It is so much fun to feature handmade, natural items that would be wonderful to help mark the rhythm of the week at home with your little ones.
Tuesday is brilliant, bold and wonderful RED.
 1. Red Bird, by Sweet Bauer Knits.
2. Queen of Hearts Art Doll, by Driaa.
3. Crown of Hearts, by Muddy Feet.
4. Valentine Boat, by Tweet Toys.
5. Love Grows, by Painting Pixie.
6. Scottie Dog Sugar Cookies (all natural), by Sugar Me Desserterie.
7. Little Home No. 130, by Rodica.
8. Valentine Dolly/ Ornament, by Mama West Wind.



MamaWestWind said...

Lovely items! Thanks for featuring my doll ornament!

Rodi said...

A lovely collection and a lovely idea behind it! Thank you for featuring my little houses and for teaching me a bit about the Waldorf education system :)

Epic Childhood said...

super cute, how do you get featured for waldorf tuesday?

Dria said...

Such bright and vibrant reds!
So pretty!
Thank you :-)

Unknown said...

You're welcome! A pleasure!

Wild Toddler~ I usually start from a generally idea for the given day (I do all of the days of the week in a loose rotation)and then play around on Etsy searching for items that match the theme and meet my personal tastes and are natural :) Doyou have a shop? link me up!

Epic Childhood said...

oh ok, I actually don't have a shop. ;) love this blog though!!

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