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Wednesday, 22 February 2012
 Rudolph Steiner, developer of the Waldorf educational philosophy, called rhythm the 'carrier of life' and assigned each day of the week with a colour.  The use of colour to mark the passing of days and weeks with young children is both effective and inspiring for their work and play.

The colour for Wednesday is YELLOW.
This Wednesday, we are featuring the warm yellow buzzzzz of the bees....

1. Bumble the Bee, by Mietjie.
2. Bumble Bee Bowling, by Muddy Feet.
3. Pin the Bees on the Beehive, by Stella and Livi.
4. Bumble Bee Sidewalk Chalk, by Sunshine and Sidewalks.
5. Honey Pot, by Urban Homsteaders.
6. Wildflower Honey Cold Process Soap, by Anita's LaLa Land.
7. Modelling Beeswax Set of 8, by Twinkle of My Eye.
8. Sweet Nectar Save the Bees Photograph, by Lauren Lemons.

Click and explore these wonder full shops!
And have a warm and yellow fuzzy sort of day!♥♥


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