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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 8 March 2012
Something new for the infinitely strong women I know!

Today is International Women's Day.
Tomorrow, I am stocking a little something for the women... circle or 'infinity' scarves!
I always try to do something for the mamas each spring~ we work hard and we rarely treat ourselves..

These pretties are hand dyed (by me) and can be worn in so many ways.
I am a big fan of a pretty scarf and have dyed up a few for myself, as well.
Each scarf is 14.5" wide and 67" long (that is 5.5 feet!).
The scarves are lightweight cotton jersey, easy to wash and wear!
The names for the scarves have all come from a lovely hymn/ song "Called by Earth and Sky"
The scarves will be stocking at 9 am (est) at FRESH.
(Fresh is a group shop I share with a bunch of amazingly talented, strong women... take a peek!)


Little Pink Bird said...

OMG ♥ Love these. Hope you have some in a few weeks because i am broke unless you take hair clips as a payment method lol ;)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Are they all gone? I clicked on the link and didn't see any of your scarves. I hope you get more in ;)

Unknown said...

HI! Thanks for your kind words~ they are stocking tomorrow at Fresh, ~ I think I have the wrong link, must go check my post!
I have 7 listed and plan to snag some more for the Etsy shop :)

Everything Mom and Baby said...

When will you have the blue one available again? Want, want, want and how much are they? I missed it as I am doing a 100 things at once :)

Unknown said...

I love tye dye, it's like Christmas every time you unroll a bundle. They are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I am hoping to do some more just after Easter :) ~ each is one of a kind, that is the best part of dyeing, I agree!

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